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DON'T BLAME THE STROKE, SIR: Black Security Guard Who Was SPAT On By White Detroit Business Owner Is Not Here For His Apology [VIDEO]


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White people are getting more and more bold with the racism day by day. A white business man in Detroit SPIT on a black security guard and it was caught on video. Now, he's trying to apologize. Nah, bruh. More inside...


Spitting on someone has to be one of the most degrading and disrespectful things you could ever do to a person.  Not mention, the nastiest as well.

It happened to Ibrahim Mission, a black security guard in Michigan.  He handled it better than most, though.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Ibrahim came in contact with Robert Stanzler, owner of the Detroit Mercantile Co., while providing security for a gathering of social justice and community leaders in the Eastern Market district. 

Apparently, some people had parked on Robert's property and he was pissed, so he confronted Ibrahim about it. Ibrahim instructed him to discuss it with the building owner.

Then, things escalated. Ibrahim whipped out his phone and started recording. In the clip, we see Robert flip him the bird and then SPIT on him. Yes, SPIT!

Check it:

Folks have been threatening to boycott Detroit Mercantile Co. and they're flooding the company's Facebook page with negative reviews and low ratings after seeing the nasty clip above.

Now, the "spitter" is trying to apologize to the 29-year-old security guard...like they all do once they receive backlash for gross and seemingly racist behavior.

“I want to express my deepest apology to Mr. Ibrahim Mission, for the incident that occurred on Tuesday, July 17, 2018 during the course of an argument I had with him over parking spaces at my place of business in Eastern Market,” Stanzler wrote in the statement. “I take full responsibility for my actions, and want to convey regret for my gross and despicable behavior during the course of my argument with Mr. Mission."

"I attempted to address the matter with Mr. Mission, but things quickly escalated and I lashed out," he continued. "My behavior was unconscionable, offensive and disrespectful. Not only did I offend Mr. Mission by my actions, but I owe an apology to those who witnessed the incident, my staff, fellow business owners in Eastern Market, residents of Detroit; and friends and family who may (bear) this burden with me."

Keep it.

Ibrahim doesn't want your apology, nor does he want your people hitting him up trying to cape for you. The security guard said he's received messages from Robert's associates telling him that he had a stroke. So wait, strokes make you act out in this way now? Oh.

“He didn’t call me or reach out to me, and I don’t want him to, quite frankly,"Ibrahim said. "I do not want him near me. I don’t want any of his friends to keep bothering me. Somebody walked up to me (while I was at work) and started to tell me about how Robert had had a stroke before.”

Oh please!

“If the tables were turned, this would be a massacre,” he said. “‘I wish it hadn’t happened, but let’s be clear: It’s been kind of a hard day. A lot of people are calling me, messaging me. I’ve been dealing with the police. It’s like a … dream. I’m getting a million calls. I’m looking at myself on the news. It’s overwhelming.”

So did they lock Robert's nasty a** up?

The Detroit Free Press reports:

A police spokesperson said the department could not hold the alleged assailant without an official complaint from, and interview with, Mission, who said he had to work and didn’t get to the police department until Thursday. So Stanzler was released.

Once Mission was interviewed Thursday, the department began preparing an arrest warrant for simple assault to send to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office.

Meanwhile, Mission was back at work Thursday, trying to do his job while being hounded by reporters, curiosity-seekers and people attempting to get him to treat the incident like it wasn’t serious, like it wasn’t a heinous gesture that white racists used for decades to denigrate or humiliate black people.

We are lost for words on this one, so we'll let y'all have it. This is beyond disgusting.

Photos: Rochelle Riley via Detroit Free Press

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