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Tiffany Haddish's Ex-Husband (Who's Suing Her) Claims She ASKED Him To Choke Her During Sex, Says He Was Never Abusive


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When TMI turns into tea....


Tiffany Haddish's ex-husband William Stewart, who's suing her, wants you to do know she likes "aggressive" sex and that's the only choking he's ever done to her. More inside...

After speaking out once before in a radio interview to clear his name, Tiffany Haddish’s ex-husband William Stewart is still talking.

Mr. Stewart pulled the trigger on a lawsuit against the Girls Trip actress for defamation, libel and slander over abuse claims she made in her memoir, The Last Black Unicorn.

In fact, he's suing Tiffany AND her publisher, Simon & Schuster.  It makes sense...Tiffany herself said some of the stories in the book were "tweaked" by editors. And she didn't realize what was written in her own memoir until she was recording the audio book.

In the book, she made claims that her ex-husband was abusive towards her during their five-year marriage.

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Now, he's gunning for $1 million in damages.

The Blast shares details from the newly release court documents that explain William's lawyers tried to contact "The Last O.G." star in an effort to reach a settlement prior to filing the lawsuit, but they were unsuccessful. William also alleges he reached out to her personally as well before he did that radio interview with V-103 Atlanta in an effort to resolve “harmful and defamatory assertions.”

There were reports that Tiffany filed a temporary restraining order against her ex where she made claims that he choked and body slammed her. The restraining order docs detailed the alleged incidents. However, William claims it got dismissed because she asked them to.

“Ms. Haddish recanted the allegations in the TRO (temporary restraining order) and pled with law enforcement to dismiss the TRO because it was untrue. In fact, she confessed to attacking Mr. Stewart," a statement from the documents read.

As far as choking goes, Tiffany's ex-husband claims she ASKED him to choke her because she was into "aggressive" sex.  No judgment here.  Get it how you live, sis.

The site reports:

"Furthermore, we have information that will demonstrate Ms. Haddish regularly requested Mr. Stewart to become more aggressive with her during sex, including, among other things, to choke her as a part of their sexual intercourse."

Stewart also claims he has audio recordings of Haddish “seeking the guidance of a psychic to help with her erratic and violent tendencies towards Mr. Stewart, not vice versa.”

The letter concludes by saying: Mr. Stewart did not commit criminal domestic violence, nor did he abuse Tiffany Haddish during their marriage. He did not abandon his daughter. These assertions can never be unsaid and Mr. Stewart’s reputation has been irreparably damaged.

The case is ongoing.

William has been adamant that he never abused Tiffany. By the way, the Night School actress still hasn't come out with what exactly was "tweaked" in her book. Maybe that'll be saved for court, now that he has filed this lawsuit.

Guess we'll have to wait and see how all this ends up...

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