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IT'S THE T-MIX! T-Pain Just Gave Us The Fire 'Boo'd Up' Remix That We Should Have Gotten From The GET


 photo tpain ella_zpsyxrmf9l3.png

Look, nobody asked for a remix to "Boo'd Up".  But if Ella Mai's label was going to serve one up anyway, this is the one it should have been.  Get into the fire T-Mix inside...

The official remix to "Boo'd Up" may have gone to Number 1 on iTunes, but that was more than likely due to it being the song of the summer than the two folks who hopped on it.

Twitter basically dragged the official Nicki Minaj & Quavo remix within an inch of its life, and folks pleaded that Chris Brown, T-Pain, ANYBODY would have been better.

T-Pain clearly thought so too.  Because if you're gonna throw some autotune on a track via a member of the Migos, you might as well get the king of it.  And dude delivered.

The ATL artist just released his own remix moments ago.  Check it:


Hours before the release, T-Pain was feeling how we all felt after hearing the official version:


Bruh.........wait for it.

A post shared by T-Pain (@tpain) on




Since we're permanently off R.Kelly, is T-Pain the new remix king? 

Either way, throw all the other "Boo'd Up" remixes away.  Theeeeenks.


Photos: Instagram

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