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Lance Gross' Family Maternity Shoot Is Everything + Brandy Gushes Over 'Sister' Princess Love & Baby Melody + Reggie Bush's Daughter Briseis Makes Him A Proud Papa


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Lance Gross and his family serve up the perfect maternity shoot, Brandy is gushing over her niece Melody and her mom Princess Love and Reggie Bush is one proud dad thanks to his daughter Briseis Bush. Everything inside...


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Before the Grosses welcome a new baby, they are bringing the family feels in a new maternity photoshoot.

Lance Gross came from behind the camera to snap it up with his two favorite girls in the world, his wife Becca Jefferson and his adorable daughter Berkeley Gross. The trio gave fans a glimpse into their life as they were all smiles and kisses in the kitchen followed by having a huge pillow fight in the bedroom. The shots came out perfect.

Check them out below:



Strong Family Bond Tho! by @meech213

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The Turtle Wranglers

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My [turtle emoji] Love

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The couple announced they were expecting baby #2 on Easter. And this isn't their first fire maternity shoot. They also took some dope pics at Antelope Canyon. We're not sure when baby (aka "turtle") is due, but it doesn't look like they have much longer. "Turtle" is what they like to call Berkeley and they also like calling themselves the "Turtle Wranglers."

More cuteness made its way on our timelines...

 photo brandyprincess.png

Proud auntie Brandy is beaming over her niece Melody Norwood. The R&B singer posted up the cutest picture of Melody and her mom Princess Love with the caption, "#WCW my baby sister @princesslove and #BabyMelody .... loves of my life"

Looks like Brandy and Princess have squashed whatever "beef" they had going on. You'll recall, Brandy made a post about not being able to make her and Ray J's baby shower and Princess hopped in her comments and her read her filth, asking her to stop the fake ish. Yikes.

But it seems to be all love between them now. You see Princess responded above.


Good for them.

In other kiddie news...

 photo reggiekid.png

Retired NFL baller Reggie Bush is one proud papa! His daughter Briseis Bush just graduated pre-school and he was there to celebrate with his eldest. She's gearing up for kindergarten!

Reggie is the proud dad of three little ones after he and his wife Lilt Avagyan welcomed a baby boy named Agyemang back in September. They also have a two-year-old son named Uriah, who turns 3 next month.

Check out this super cute video of his kids singing to him on Father's Day:



Daddy Loves You too!

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Reggie is allegedly the father of Miami cocktail waitress Monique Exposito's baby boy named Preston.

Photos: Lance's IG/Brandy's IG/Reggie's IG

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