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EXCLUSIVE: '211' Star Cory Hardrict Has Totally Different Daddy Feels With His New Baby Girl, And It's The Sweetest Thing


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Father's Day is right around the corner! TheYBF.com chopped it up with new dad again Cory Hardrict and he's happily drowning in all the new daddy feels. It's a bit different this time around and it's the sweetest thing ever. More inside...

With Father's Day this weekend, we know one dad who's going to be living it up with a double dose of kiddie cuteness.

Cory Hardrict and his wife Tia Mowry Hardrict just welcomed their new baby girl on May 5th. And life for one of our fave YBF Dads has been crazy, but he's loving every minute of it.

The 38-year-old seems to have this dad/career balancing act down to a science. He's been busy on the promo trail for his new thriller, 211, where he plays a cop who's involved in one of the biggest bank robberies in police history.  But, when he's not working, he's on daddy duty - changing diapers, feedings, all that.

"I have not slept. I haven't slept since May 5th. She's up all hours of the night," Cory shared with TheYBF.com.

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Doing it for the second time, Cory seems to have mastered this dad thing.

"I'm doing it all. I'm a dad expert now. At first I started really slow. When I started changing diapers, I wasn't going fast enough. I learned the hard way, you gotta move fast or you're in trouble."


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He said Baby Hardrict and mom Tia "are doing great." And so his 6-year-old son Cree Hardrict, who celebrates a birthday later this month.

"He's doing really good. He helps out a lot. He's going downstairs and getting bottles, stuff like that. He definitely knows he has a little sister to look after. He's great."

Aww! We see Cree is killing it at being a big brother already.

Now that Cory is the father to a little girl, he doesn't plan on treating her any differently than her big bro. However, he can't help but feel a different type of connection and energy with his daughter than he does with his son.

"I'm not saying I'm going to treat her different, but I do feel like a more of a softer, calmer connection because she's my daughter. And I'm more gentle with her in every way, like when I'm changing her diaper...everything. I love my kids the same. Both kids require different things, so I just adjust accordingly."

We tried to get him to give us some clues or tidbits about the baby before Tia announces her name on June 29th, but he wasn't going for it. "I can't do that, I'll get in trouble," he responded. Respect!

For his newest project, Cory plays a cop just like he did in 50 Cent's"The Oath." They're drastically different characters and Cory slayed at both.

"It was a difference because the cop I played in 'The Oath,' he's on both sides of the fence. The cop in '211,' he's just an all around good guy. He just wants to protect and serve and do the right thing, so that was the difference. I enjoyed playing both of them though. I enjoyed this character because he just wanted to save people and help people. I really think that's what we all should do."

By the way, "The Oath" has been renewed for a second season on Crackle. Dude stays booked.  Not mad.

While the Brotherly Love actor is in full daddy-mode with the new baby, he hasn't forgot about sports life. He's a LeBron James fan and would love to have him come to the west coast.

"He's done his job in Cleveland, come on out West."

That would be an interesting move.

You can see Cory Hardrict and "Power" star Michael Rainey Jr. in 211 in theaters now! It's also available on VOD and Digital HD.

Photos: Getty/Tia's IG

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