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Tokyo Toni Drags Daughter Blac Chyna's Entire LIFE On Social Media + Chyna’s Coinage Reportedly Cut Since Split From Rob Kardashian


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Blac Chyna's mom Tokyo Toni is doing the absolute MOST by dragging her daughter online. Meanwhile, it's being reported Chyna isn't raking in as much money for gigs due to her not being connected to a Kardashian and there are also rumors that YBN Almighty Jay broke up with Chy. All the deets inside...

Somebody grab Tokyo Toni's phone! She's blasting her daughter Blac Chyna and she isn't cutting any corners. She's telling EVERYTHING, at least, according to her.

Tokyo Toni is airing out her frustrations about her the way her daughter is treating her. The 46-year-old former stripper has posted up a series of videos and Instagram captions detailing how her daughter no longer supports her and how she hasn't seen her grandbabies, King Cairo Stevenson and Dream Kardashian, in two years.

"Two years in a row. I'm going on my second year of not seeing my grands," Tokyo says in a video. "Yes, they are her children. And I'm not the only person that deals with this sh*t. Hollywood is so demon-filled, it changes people. We was just chilling. I was just on [her] reality show."

She claims the Lashed Boutique owner has "lost her way" since becoming famous.

In one post, Tokyo details how her mother wanted her to get an abortion when she found out she was pregnant with Chyna. She explains how she ran away for a few months to wait until it was too late to have an abortion, so her mother couldn't force her to get one. Now, she's saying she wishes she had listened to her mother. Damn. Tokyo also threatened to release a video on her birthday (May 11th) that could "ruin" her.


Check it:


I’m over it and you @blacchyna Trust me!!! I will be going to see @officialbonnetchronicles On Mother’s Day!!! 2nd year in a row I haven’t spoken to the person I put on earth!! The one I birthed and was hemorrhaging near death!!!!!! I was a college bound student!! My mom wanted me to get an abortion so I ran away from home for three months so that it will be too late to do it Now look!!!! “ My mom was right about a lot of stuff! To hate your mother is weird for no reason! I always have taking care of my child I have always been married. Even after I got a divorce less than a year later I was married again. This kid always had a foundation always dressed good! She had what her friends didn’t have a good mother a loving mother she never wanted for anything. I’m not hurt anymore because it’s been so long I just need this girl to get some mental help. Anytime you dog your mother online by calling her a liar you’re mentally fucking ill! It’s obvious that I have not seen them for there is no pictures and I’m a videoing bitch!!! Called her own mom a liar online ( Disrespectful - Disloyal to the family! She wonder why the Kardashian’s are winning they know to keep the family together. Look at Cardi she’s keeping the family together!!!!! Look at Amber her mother lives with her!!!!!!!!! I have lost ALL RESPECT FOR YOU @blacchyna Until you apologize to me and that better be more than words I am divorcing your ass on your birthday. I have a little video I want to play on your birthday to show you just how disrespectful you are to me. I hope I don’t ruin you but sometimes you have to get put on your ass to be put back on the right track. I don’t know what the fuck your problem is girl but I’m sick of your ass. I’ve done nothing but love you take care you and protect you. I did not ask for this bullshit. I do not want you to be famous!! Why don’t you ever think of anybody in your family not just me. You said you was raised by your grandmother will guess what boo she had two sons that live with her you left home before they did if that’s the case why don’t you talk to them. They’re called my brothers. The ones that help me raise your ass just as well as my mother!

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This will be my last post on any of this talk. I don’t give a fuck that much trust me I’m Tokyo. Oh I’m going to continue to talk about this and viciously but not on this page is to open. I’m about to get down or old bitches on my other page at least these bitches looked out for me and bought oil and a book!!!! “ I’m not hurt anymore over that shit!!!! “ Be careful with me”!!!!! I’m your mother remember that !!!!!!!!!! Call me a liar ! Knowing I’m far from a liar!! @blacchyna you lost your way bae!!!! You didn’t want to hear what I had to say that’s what caused this rift I don’t give a fuck what you talking about because your excuse will be played on your birthday. You talking about viral girl please little did you know my cameras was doing while you were talking they were already running. They just so happen to catch the juicy part of your conversation girlfriend. You rage war against your mother. You call your mother a liar the same bitch that took 424 million people on because you I wanted to fuck a Kardashian. I got nothing out of this 30 years fucking with you other than dream and King!!!!!!! You mean to tell me you commented on the shade room like the rest of these nothing is bitches do me that hate on me. Quick question are you jealous of me? Why are you never post anything I’m doing for my food drive? Why do you post your friends that are no longer around and don’t post your mother who is positive and that you know very well? Why would you allow your best friend to disrespect me knowing I would drag that pussy giving up bitch for $30 through the parking lot. Well guess what boo-boo I’m going to spilled tea all of it from day one get ready bitch why would you allow your best friend to disrespect me knowing I would drag that pussy giving up bitch for $30 through the parking lot. Well guess what boo-boo I’m going to spilled tea all of it from day one get ready bitch!! You have carried me for the last time do you understand me. You think you got a good God will snatch all that bullshit from your dumbass. You have too many people around you and you’re mad at me because I tell you this will bitch fuck you keep them around you. Wait on it oh it’s coming now tha

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@blacchyna!!!!! You fucked up now they see we are apart you big dumb bitch. I’ve never disrespected you now I have no respect for you. I mean literally none I’m disgusted with you as a mother!!mDon’t worry baby 30 years ago in a few days I almost died having you. So your birthday would be my death date and you proved that true!! Don’t come back to me when you leave because I will no longer trust you you know your mother. I walk alone but yet you put all these people in front of me. Your friends you hang wit are pieces of shit they will send you to hell rob you and fuck your man and your woman. I never say anything because I’m a strong bitch and I hold my own as you can very well see. How dare you call me a liar when it’s obvious I haven’t seen these fucking kids do you want to go in my DM bitch !! All this hate I get is because of your ass being your fucking mother. I don’t give a fuck because I don’t give a fuck. How can you do all of this out of nowhere!!!You could’ve given me a call opposed to going online. What’s really going on? Who is really in your head? Who was really on the phone or standing there coaching you from what it sounded like to me. You still have not called and apologize to me. I did nothing to you but love you raise you protect you and be your fucking foot stool bitch. You have these yes bitches around you all motherfucking day they don’t give a fuck about you it’s obvious dummy. I was moving to California bitch I wish I would fuck you. I had you bitch you did not have me. You mad that I look good, you mad that I have people around me that are positive and nit demons. You never help me with the food drive not one penny but I said you did To save your face. You are despicable as a child and I am very embarrassed and ashamed of you to be my fucking daughter that I raised. To not give me credit do you know how many dicks I had to suck bitch so you could eat. Do you know how many hoe strolls I had to go down bitch to make sure you was good for school and you fuck me like this no fuck you bitch it’s coming I love catch my book it speaks the truth!!! My phone number is still the fucking same!! “You are going to think like a battleship”

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Happy Mother’s Day @blacchyna I did nothing to deserve this!! I have taken all the bumps they hits from the public for you but I can’t go retail therapy anything I shop at Walmart. I don’t ask you for nothing because I had my own Gucci Chanel Prada and Cindy but a made nothing to me and now it’s gone taken by the landlords in which you know the entire story. Did I ask you to get me another home? Did I ask you for furniture? Did I ask you for food? Did I ask you for money to wreak locate me? Yeah ask you to replace my clothes purses jewelry or anything? No I did not I am independent and you notice. I have to talk to you on online!!oh ok!! Well I am about to do an interview with whom ever for a check now. I’m pretty sure to be fucking interesting however if you don’t want me to do an interview can you give me the fuck out the streets can I get $1000 today so that I can go on a mini vacation to breathe and get you the fuck off my mind of course not. I remember asking you for $20 not long ago and didn’t get a response. I remember telling you I was starving to death it felt like my stomach was going to fall to the floor and I never got a response. I told you I was stuck in the snow with no gas in my car I called you and no response. Then you text me with a word saying we have no beef no I have the receipts. Why would you text me no beef with the fuck was you talking about. Then you give me a call and tell me I’m cutting you off because...“ You went on my page and didn’t see Praise of you - you saw the truth of you!! You did not talk to me for a year. I spoke with you on the phone maybe 3 to 4 times otherwise I have to talk to you through your assistant what mother has to do that!! Me!! Don’t worry the first person they get $200,000 I’m coming through no love lost I got a move on with my fucking life because I have no security or a backbone anymore although I’ve always been your rock and nail NOW you throw me into a pond with the fishes( Dead) !! At least you could’ve given me a consolation prize bitch now on land that shit and is more to come in my book oh you talking about a fucking story wow @blacchyna!!! You dumb girl!You never crossed your mother for no one

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She is grown and said ..I put me in before her and I took care of other people and not her. What the fuck is wrong with this girl. I have nothing but love for her stupid ass. I would love to get her to get one person to collaborate what she’s saying. My family and let them hear the entire tape everybody was in tears even the men of my family!!! I want to do an all out interview $250,000.00 !!!!!!!!!!!so I can move to an island the fuck away from here!!!!!! Preorder my book so you can get “ All the details about everything and everybody!!!!!! I’m tired now of this shit!!! #hollyweird you win!! She is yours!!!! You can have her ass!! A mother can take both so much. I am a very independent person I have three sources of income however two sources has been taken away. I don’t ask much of anything gets her money. But when I go low and times get a little rough I cannot call her. What people think she’s giving me all of this and all the bad hell no bitch I did it myself. Nobody gives me anything for my food drive any type of money I get I split with people that I don’t know. I want it why I wanted to be around the kids more and I realize that’s because I miss my own. So now that I have the truth my daughter hates me me!! Cool- “ I will continue to pray for her but for her birthday I am divorcing her she can move on. To not call me and apologize what if I had a heart attack and died last night from the stress. I have only one child that’s it after her that’s it or is it hail no I got yo my God kids online!!! #I am interview ready

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ReL life shit is what I deal with!!!!!!! Yes I have income and yes I had $45,000 saved just before my divorce and just before those people conned me out of my home!! I did not call China or anyone and ask them for furniture or food I got it myself working through Uber and lift. Due to the drama with the landlords lift and Uber are now suspended because of my criminal record given to me by these people. So now I’m only stuck with my store and a few other little gaggy things I have going on. I still give back to the community I still give the shoes off of my feet all day so I only have three pair. I do so much for others that I can be dressed good in Fendi- Why???????? People that I know are celebrities they don’t use their platform for anything but obsessing over themselves selfie’s. None of these bitches celebrity hoes ever give back!!!!! As long as I’ve been breathing I’ve been the same. My daughter cannot get one person to collaborate her story. She don’t even know the name of my mothers church or a pastor so we know she didn’t raise you. Wow rage war against me!?? Is it because I don’t like the illuminati? Is it because I’m beautiful and useful and she looks like me and I don’t look like her she’s not the original I am? You will be surprise what goes on in peoples heads even your own children. So now my future has changed I no longer trust her. I have to now figure out the rest of my life plans because there will be no children to help me walk with my cane!! I wonder what reason did she give my grandson as to why Graham Graham have not been around!!!!!! SHE HAS HIRT ME FOR THEEEE LAST TIME!!! She has lied to her friends about me because they told me. I held that shit for so long that I can no longer hold it. She allowed her friend treasure to talk shit about me her mother on line knowing damn well I would’ve shoved a pistol down her fucking throat. Thank God those days are over. This is my last post about the shit happy times must go over with or without demons and spoiled rebellious grown children

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After dragging Chy, Tokyo put up a post to promote her skincare products:



Shop last cosmetics for your skin care needs @lashedcosmetics

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Then, she posted a long caption about why Chyna's bestie Amber Rose is the realest:



The only bitch I trust in California! I don’t even trust the spring bottled water out that son of a bitch “ Hell to the Nah tricks” She stands up for her girl that’s what we Libras do!! Cardi , Me, Kim and Amber all are Libras get it! I don’t like non of those opportunist ass kissing bucket ass friends of hers! Nobody stands up for her but Amber!!! They all eat good( Chyna pays) ! I have videos of me and Amber at the grocery store! Wtf !! I’m tired of y’all hoes for real. If you wanna jump let’s do it! Social media not real to me bitch- hollaring at a bitch is! The ticket $696 1 way.. you paid COME THROUGH!! However in the meantime- Amber Rose is the most thorough Bish out that joint! She dontfive a fuck about no hoe or they adolescent problems! See, I will come thru and break y’all asses down over mine! See, y’all not going to transform her to believing something without “ BACK UP OR A RECEIPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Meanwhile I see who fucks with her and who don’t! Y’all hoes on shopping sprees her coins I’m sure( good heart she has) She let y’all freak hoes shop out her shit! She let y’all be seen on TV and paps hoes and y’all couldn’t say “ Where is Tokyo Toni” ? Sure I had court dates from false charges now all dismissed! Y’all hoes find it ease to take but yah neva give( Run me my money hoes in my Joseline Hernandez voice! I just might be knocking at her door! Y’all bitches in there better open it or imma ... Yeah and make sure you roll the fuck out.. the nanny bitch ass too!!! #tokytoni ps I can argue fuss or fight with her no other bitch betta never try it hoe! #tok

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All this drama with her mom right before Mother's Day. Sheesh!

That's not all Chy is currently dealing with...

 photo chyblonde.png

It's being reported the stripper turned social media maven's hosting gig price has plummeted since cutting ties with the Kardashian Klan.  It's all thanks to her calling it quits with her daugher's dad Rob Kardashian.

According to TMZ, the Lashed Boutique owner, who has supposedly been reaching out to promoters for place to host her birthday celebrations, once made $30k to host in a club.

Now, she's struggling to get $7,000 for a gig. The site claims to have spoken to several promoters who claim they aren't paying as much for Chyna because she's "not relevant anymore." Also, dating an 18-year-old doesn't help any.


The numbers are staggering -- BC went from booking gigs that paid her up to $30k not too long ago in her heyday with Rob & Co. ... to now struggling to snag more than $7k per gig.

That's what several top club promoters in Cali told us, and it gets worse. One promoter said he wouldn't pay her a penny more than $5k because Chyna without Rob is like Sonny without Cher.

A top Miami promoter said the max he'd shell out is $2k because she's not relevant anymore.

Speaking of her dating life....

Chyna's boo YBN Almighty Jay posted some comments on social media that had folks wondering if they had broken up. While Zoey Dollaz recorded a video on Instagram Live, Jay popped up in the chat providing possible details into his love life. He wrote, "I cut her off bro," and, "Im a free man."

Naturally, folks assumed he was talking about Chyna. However, it seems he's already responding to the "rumors" he started himself:




A post shared by YBN Almighty Jay (@ybnalmightyjay) on


He posted a picture of himself and Chyna with a heart emoji and lock emoji in the caption. We assume this is his way of saying they're still together. Hmph.

Photos: Chyna's IG


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