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EXCLUSIVE: Romeo Miller Drops Gems About Men Being AFRAID Of Powerful Women, Says Beyonce Did Coachella Better Than Any Man


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Romeo Miller just gets it! It’s clear he’s insanely in love with black women and he’s not afraid to show it. Yes, despite his ex who lacked melanin.

The hottie chopped it up with TheYBF.com and he dropped some gems on us that instantly became the best choice of words from a man all year.

We’ve known him since he was a kid when popped up on the music scene dropping his self-titled album Lil Romeo in 2001. But, Lil Romeo isn’t “lil” anymore.

Romeo Miller is a grown a** man now. One who loves and has a deep appreciation for women. It’s clear his dad Master P and his mother Sonya Miller raised him right, despite their rough split. And it doesn't hurt that he's fine AF.

Like the rest of us, Romeo was WOWED by Beyonce’s groundbreaking, game-changing COACHELLA performance. He said seeing Mrs. Carter slay the stage with the explosive #BlackExcellence theme was so inspiring and he declared Bey rocked the stage ten times better than any man ever could.

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“Seeing Beyonce perform at Coachella is probably the most inspired I’ve been in a long time,” Romeo tells TheYBF.com.“Even with music, I’ve been away from music for a while because a lot of people lost the art of it. And seeing Beyonce perform, it was so inspiring. To see such a powerful and strong woman do it ten times better than any man."

"I really felt this Coachella was about the women. Seeing SZA up there, Vanessa Williams' daughter Lion Babe, Dej Loaf– I feel like they took over Coachella and we need more than that.”

The "Famous In Love" star went on to say how men are sometimes afraid of powerful women, despite vocalizing that’s what they want in their lives. Ladies, y’all know how they do.

“I feel a lot of men nowadays, they say they want a strong woman and a powerful woman then when they come across them they are kind of afraid. I got four little sisters. The way that men go out and they’re independent, so why shouldn’t a woman be that way? I just want more women to have that mind frame cause Beyonce said it best ‘Who run the world? Girls!’ We’re only here because of a woman.”

HE GETS IT! And he has a message for the ladies longing to find and man and live happily ever after.

“Don’t be afraid to be strong. Don’t be afraid to be independent. A real man is going to be there and understand and you’re going to build an empire. You see that’s what Beyonce been doing.”

Facts only.

Beychella has even inspired Romeo to get back to his own music after neglecting it for a while.

“I stayed away from music because people were around me for the wrong reasons and it wasn’t about the art and magic of it. It was more about the money. Like I said, watching Beyonce definitely inspired me to come back and give what I got because I have so much to give. I really do have a uniqueness that fills a void. It’s kind of like that gap in the middle. You have Drake coming out, you have Cole, I feel like I’m like literally right in the middle of both of those guys.”

Speaking of Drake and J. Cole, both artists are dropping new album in the coming weeks (Cole’s has already been released). We wanted to know whose album will he be bumping the most this summer and he explained to us why he will be vibing out to both of their LPs.

“Why can’t it be both? Those are my two favorite artists. It’s kind of like a Michael Jackson and a Prince where two people are so talented and so monumental but they’re different. There’s enough space for everybody."

"When it comes to music, we put each other against each other, but there’s so much room because everybody is going through something different in life. And you never know what you’ll get from a certain artist. Drake may have more fun, uplifting songs where as Cole may have something where it’s just in a moment in your life where you want to think.”

The former USC baller confirmed he will drop a new project next month and already has released new music as he gears up to drop it. He said he’s about to release a new track titled “Real One” and he also has a song called “Islands” featuring his dad Master P. He plans on reaching out to Lil Wayne to hop on the track to “get that Down South music back.”



As for his other projects, Romeo is the host of the new MTV dating show, “EX On The Beach.” The show is a social experience that features 10 romantically embattled reality stars who will go on dates with everyday singles. While they’re on their date in paradise, they’ll be blindsided by their ex (or in some cases multiple exes) face-to-face. Lordt!

Watch Romeo try and keep the peace when a new episode airs tonight at 9pm EST on MTV.

Photos: MTV/Beyonce.com

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