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NO MORE BALDIE! Deion Sanders Is Making A HAIR COMEBACK – See His Progress!


 photo dsandershair1.png

What baldie? Deion Sanders is growing his hair back and he’s taking his fans on the hair growth journey with him. More inside…

Just because he’s 50, doesn’t mean he has to live with a bald head like Mother Nature seemingly intended for him.

When you have money and technology at your fingertips, anything is possible. Ask Deion Sanders.

The NBA legend is currently on a hair growing journey after he decided to ditch the baldie (due to genetics) for hair plugs. Around this time last year, he announced he was going to get hair transplants because he wanted to look like his son:

And he made good on his word.

The 50-year-old retired NFLer, inspired by NFL player Brian Urlacher, went to an appointment at RESTORE Hair Transplant & Restoration in Chicago recently for another round of treatment. He had previously gone a few months ago. During the procedure, Deion -- who was heavily medicated -- hopped on Instagram to chat about his hair comeback:



Poor thing trying to talk while he's in the middle of the procedure.

Rapper Snoop Dogg knows a little something about being "high" minus having the procedure done:

 photo deionhair2.png


Deion and his girlfriend Tracey Edmonds appeared on the "Steve Harvey Show" together recently where you can really see his hair growing in:


She says she loves him either way:



A few months ago, Deion made a rap about growing his new hair after his first treatment.  This is around the same time he clapped back at tv viewers calling him out for having "fake hair" out of the blue:



And he's having fun asking about hair cuts on Twitter:



Just a few more months before Primetime has a head full of hair.

So, are feelin' it? His girlfriendseem to be feeling it.

Photos: Deion's IG

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