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After Tiffany Haddish's Sex Pact With Brad Pitt & Other Oscars Shenanigans, She Had Clapbacks On Deck For The Haters


 photo tiffany brad_zpse0anfjlh.png

Tiffany Haddish's glow up and comedy style have some folks calling her embarrassing and annoying, but Tiff's got those nice-nasty clapbacks on deck.  See it all inside...


Sunday night at the Oscars, Tiffany Haddish was probably the most interesting part f all the red carpet hoopla.  After she hopped a whole rope to get to Meryl Streep while floating around in a gown fit for an Eritrean queen, she dished that she had met Brad Pitt in an elevator and they made a sex pact.

The actress/comedian chopped it up with Kelly Ripa backstage during the show and revealed Brad told her if they're both still single in a year, they could get it poppin'. 



Yes, Tiff is loud and cray, but she is a comedian.  It seems people forget that and claim to suffer from second hand embarrassment calling her ghetto and the like.  So, she responded on Twitter about the story going viral:



The Girls Trip star also had plenty of shade just waiting for other folks who had something to say about her personality.  Swipe below:



#TiffanyHaddish had time this morning to clap back at some haters with nice-nastiness.

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 photo 44976c63-39bf-4783-8623-daf96423274d-screen-shot-2018-03-04-at-75640-pm_zpsehngheu0.png

In case you missed her doing everything in her power to get at her idol Meryl Streep Sunday night, who she told everyone that night she needed to meet, check it:



 photo TiffanyHaddish90thAnnualAcademyAwardsFTxUCoUNCESl_zpstmu5oaev.jpg

 photo 698x478.jpeg.54ec311da9eb4d07a5413fae8ed01ffe.large_zpsvtrnngfz.jpg  

As for her look for her first Oscars, we've seen A LOT of prideful, inspired-by-African-countries looks on red carpts these days.  And we love damn near all of them.  This one, though, wasn't our fave.

In case you were wondering, Tiff says the look was a salute to her Eritrean father who recently passed away.  She promised him she would honor him if she ever made it to the Oscars one day.


If you missed her and Maya Rudolph presenting a couple Oscars that night, check it.  You'll see why folks are already starting a quiet campaign to get them to co-host next year's Oscars:

Yes, she was shoeless.  And she wearing that $4,000 Alexander Wang dress (again) she wore to the Girls Trip premiere.  She said she would for sure get as much wear out of it that she could.

Do you boo.


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