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Twitter EXPLODED With A Debate About Ginuwine Preferring NOT To Date (Or Kiss) A Trans Woman


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Ginuwine rejecting a trans woman on television has caused a stir online. Debate inside….

Ginuwine has sparked social media debate during his stint on “Celebrity Big Brother UK.” On a recent episode, the “Pony” singer was sitting amongst his housemates where they were talking about whether he would date a trans woman.

“I’m a woman, right. You would date me, yeah?,” the singer’s cast mate India Willoughby (who is trans) asked him. “Not if you tell me you’re trans,” he responded. India kept insisting she was a “woman," but Ginuwine made it clear he would not date a trans woman.

Then it all went left. India wrapped her arms around the singer and attempted to give him a kiss. Pulling himself away from her grip, he smiled and politely curved her, then she eventually stormed off.

Peep the clip below:

Was that not an unwanted sexual advance? Hmph.

Now, folks are debating back and forth on whether or not Ginuwine is homophobic/transphobic.

Peep some of the commentary below:









"The Breakfast Club" radio host Charlamagne gave everyone mad at Ginuwine "Donkey Of The Day" and served up several logical reasons why:

It's an interesting debate. Do you feel like Ginuwine's preference makes him transphobic? Was India WAY out of line as well?

Speak on it in the comments.

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