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Cardi B Isn’t Taking This Nude Leaking Scandal Lying Down, Lawyers Up + Jim Jones Watches Mother’s House Burn Down On Christmas Day


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Cardi B is going after whoever hacked into her fiancé Offset’s phone and leaked videos of her nude. In other unfortunate news, Jim Jones had the worst Christmas ever when he found out his mother’s house was on fire. Get it all inside…

Cardi B isn’t going to let hackers get the best of her.

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper has lawyered up and she’s coming after whoever hacked into her fiancé Offset’s phone and release videos of her in the nude.

Cardi's attorney, Scott Mason, says the videos were illegally obtained, which means they have a suit on their hands. And her team is doing an full investigation to catch the leakers.

We told you several videos from Offset's phone were released over the holiday weekend. One video sparked headlines that Offset cheated on Cardi. In the clip, viewers saw a naked woman (who was NOT Cardi) in the bathroom rubbing her butt in a hotel bathroom while Offset recorded. Fans were able to piece together when the alleged cheating happened based on his outfit. It was revealed that he cheated on Cardi in September after fans matched his outfit in the video to an outfit he wore for a concert. Soon after the video was leaked, the “Bartier Cardi” rapper confirmed it was Offset in the leaked video.

There were also a few videos of Cardi dancing butt bald naked that was leaked online as well. There are rumors that one of the videos was the beginning of a sex tape.

However, the cheating scandal hasn’t caused Cardi and Offset to break up. They went on Instagram Live and posted up a faux sex tape to clap back at the haters. These two…

In devastating news...

Rapper Jim Jones woke up to the most devastating news on Christmas morning. Unfortunately, his mother’s house caught on fire. Luckily, everyone was able to get out unharmed, but it was a huge blow to his family as it was the house he bought his mother when he first started making money as a rapper. He said so many memories were made in that home as it was the home his son grew up in.

However, he said the greatest gift was that everyone was about to get out of the home safe and sound. Peep the clip above.

According to a local news report, the blaze broke out in the Lantana Avenue home in Englewood, N.J around 5:15 a.m. Monday (December 25th). Three people sustained minor injuries.


After news spread that Mama Jones’ house went up in flames, someone created a FAKE GoFundMe page. Hmph. People will do anything for a come up.

Please don't send any money to this GoFundMe. It's FAKE.

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