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(Salty?) Cornel West VS. EVERYBODY! Ta-Nehisi Coates Whips Out Receipts To Combat West's Neoliberalism Comments, Jelani Cobb Comes To Ta-Nehisi’s Defense


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Cornel West is stirring up drama with everybody. Ta-Nehisi Coates had to respond to the black philosopher’s Neoliberalism comments. And writer Jelani Cobb came to his defense. Deets inside…

Black philosopher and intellectual Cornel West gave zero ***** when he gave his honest opinion on Ta-Nehisi’s new book, We Were Eight Years in Power, a book about President Barack Obama and white supremacy.

Apparently, Dr. West didn’t like what he was reading because he went lethal on Coates in an op-ed piece for The Guardian. Dr. West accuses Coates of “fetishizing white supremacy” and how he represents the neoliberalism.  He's known for appearing to have a lil salt on his shoulder when it comes to the newer and arguably more "popular" black-thought crowd.  And folks are calling him a hater for his recent comments.

In the piece he wrote: 

In short, Coates fetishizes white supremacy. He makes it almighty, magical and unremovable. What concerns me is his narrative of “defiance”. For Coates, defiance is narrowly aesthetic – a personal commitment to writing with no connection to collective action. It generates crocodile tears of neoliberals who have no intention of sharing power or giving up privilege.

He represents the neoliberal wing that sounds militant about white supremacy but renders black fightback invisible. This wing reaps the benefits of the neoliberal establishment that rewards silences on issues such as Wall Street greed or Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands and people.

"Fetishizes white supremacy"?  Isn't that arguably what the MANY black activists who only date and marry white women/men do?  If we're going to throw out accusations, it's certainly food for thought.

Dr. West continued:

There is no doubt that the marketing of Coates – like the marketing of anyone – warrants suspicion. Does the profiteering of fatalism about white supremacy and pessimism of black freedom fit well in an age of Trump – an age of neo-fascism, US style?

Coates praises Obama as a “deeply moral human being” while remaining silent on the 563 drone strikes, the assassination of US citizens with no trial, the 26,171 bombs dropped on five Muslim-majority countries in 2016 and the 550 Palestinian children killed with US supported planes in 51 days, etc. He calls Obama “one of the greatest presidents in American history,” who for “eight years ... walked on ice and never fell.”

I stand with those like Robin DG Kelley, Gerald Horne, Imani Perry and Barbara Ransby who represent the radical wing of the black freedom struggle. We refuse to disconnect white supremacy from the realities of class, empire, and other forms of domination – be it ecological, sexual, or others.

The same cannot be said for Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Well, Ta-Nehisi got wind of Dr. West’s critique and decided to whip out receipts of his work to combat the comments made about his writing style. He basically attacked every critique made by Dr. West with articles he has written on said topics.












See all of his tweets here.

Jelani Cobb, a writer for The New Yorker, also chimed in and came to Coates' defense in a series of tweets.







Read the full thread here:





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