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Ray-J & Princess Love Are PREGNANT! And Yes, They're Carrying Their Own Baby.


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Big baby news for Ray-J and Princess Love! Plus they're popping back at their messy co-star's rumors...

After 15 months of marriage, and several of those attempting to get pregnant, Ray-J and Princess Love are expecting!

Fans have been commenting on Princess' Instagram page about the suspicious bump she's rocking since Halloween.  Now, we know for sure.  Princess revealed she's officially past the first trimester, so she's excited to reveal the big news.




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Oddly, after Ray J went on "The Real" today to reveal the pregnancy news, a naysayers came along to say otherwise.


Ray talked about how he and his wife of 1 year struggled to get pregnant (which we saw play out on the recent season of "LAHHH", and he had to really work at it and "focus":

"It took me to focus and do the right thing for my side. Take care of my responsibilities and get fresh.

And as for how he went about it:

"Um, well you know I don’t know when the process of it actually happened, what night. But it, it was special because we were trying for a while. It’s not as easy as people think."

"It’s not just. For some people, they just go on tour and get everybody pregnant....You know for me… it was love... For me it was love. We took our time. And then as we were taking our time, it just took a little while."

After the announcement, "LAHH: Hollywood" star Moniece Slaughter went on Instagram to slander the couple. She said Brandy, Ray's big sister, is the couple's surrogate. She said Brandy is continuously lying about not being pregnant and has been harrassing her and her mother via text message.

Soon after, Princess posted the above baby bump photo to squash any surrogacy rumors, but Moniece has yet to take back what she alleged. Oh well.

Congrats to The Norwoods!

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