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Is Taraji P. Henson’s Man Kelvin Hayden Still Messing Around With At LEAST Two Other Chicks?


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We’ve heard this rumor before and it won’t die down. Taraji P. Henson’s man Kelvin Hayden could possibly still be messing around with at LEAST two other chicks. Receipts inside…

Two years later and we’re still here.

Rumors that Taraji P. Henson’s NFL boyfriend Kelvin Hayden has been messing around with other women have been swirling since we found out he was getting close with the “Empire” star. And apparently, nothing much has changed.

The two possibly split up for a while, but they are definitely back together now.

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In fact, there’s a whole Instagram account detailing Kelvin and his alleged cheating ways. We can’t believe he would even be this messy to begin with as everyone is always trying to prove a point posting “receipts” on social media.


Over the weekend, the “Empire” star and the former NFL baller were boo’d up on BAEay in Jamaica. Montego Bay to be exact. See them looking all happy and in love above? Yeah well, when Kelvin isn’t loved up on Taraji he’s apparently spending his free time with other women.

When rumors first came out that he was seeing other women, it was alleged he was messing around with a chick named Brittany. At the time, she had been flooding her social media page with flicks of herself and Kelvin all snuggled up on vacation and other places together. Well, they may still have something going on. We’re not sure when these pictures were taken, but here they are:

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The picture of Brittany on the right is supposedly a flick taken from inside of his closet.



@tarajiphenson this is Brittany- the other woman who was pretty much "living" with him. That's his thing ... have the women basically move in so they can think I'm really #1 because I'm in the house. Well while he has her at the house he still had you at your house and vacationed with her all while being your man. One picture is from Dec (didn't you go away with him then too?) and the other pic is from March. This is a guy who had Brittany at the house, Nadia at the Cubs games and sending you flowers all in the same week. He also showed her message last from other women (including you) so it could make it seem that things were really over. #kelvinhayden the serial liar and cheater in chief. So here you are thinking life is grand. Just know this man has a pattern. What he's doing with you now to ease your concern is text book manipulation on a Low self esteem woman like yourself. And let's not get into Jaz... (the other woman ) #tarajiphenson

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And there's this chick named Nadia:


(SWIPE) @tarajiphenson You are such a dumb insecure broad!!!! This man can literally do ANYTHING to you and in 3months he know that you’ll run back all because you want some good dick! Nadia was literally cooking in his kitchen (I know that kitchen picture is familiar to you) last week. And now you're running back to his him and seeing his barber??? You talk a good game in public but in real life all you are is desperate almost 50 year old woman who is emotionally like a 22 year old young ass woman. Instead of getting your stomach in order, you need to get your mind in order and see a psychologist! Your dad taught you about hustling, but CLEARLY he left out the part about self -worth, and how a man should treat you in his teachings. You almost act like you were a fatherless child. Looking for love in the biggest dick- no matter the cost to your spirt and soul. Is a good orgasm really worth sharing a penis with 3 different women??? Do you think your dad would approve of Kelvin? A man who keeps breaking your heart, stepping on it and shit. your dumber than Yvette. At least she was the main--- you're not even that." He's NEVER going to let Nadia go! Even while he's with you now, they are still following each other. They have YEARS! #kelvinhayden #tarajiphenson #cheating

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Kelvin and Nadia have allegedly been in some type of situationship for years. The pair took a vacation to Greece back in August and she was happy to share pics and videos on her social media accounts. Not to mention, she's been busy cooking up meals in Kelvin's Chicago residence very recently...just like Taraji.

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It's unclear who's behind this Instagram account that's exposing Kelvin, but it's clear they are determined to let the world know Kelvin is no good.

Taraji has yet to address these rumors, but she still seems to be unbothered, especially since she was just all loved up with him in Jamaica last weekend. Maybe they have some sort of agreement or it's a breakup to makeup situation? We're not sure. But this milk definitely ain't clean.

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