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POTUS OBAMA Is A Total Rock Star For Jury Duty + Chicago Mayor Walks Out On Chance The Rapper At City Council Meeting


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President Barack Obama had to report for jury duty and everyone went into a frenzy when he rolled through the courthouse. See the reactions, plus see how Chance The Rapper is still fighting for Chicago students inside…

Even after serving as president for 8 years, you still can’t escape having to report for jury duty. Who knew?

President Barack Obama’s name came up in the jury pool, so he showed up to do his part. And, as expected, when the former president came through the courthouse with his entourage of Secret Service agents, everyone inside tried their hardest to get a handshake or a pic.

POTUS reported for jury duty at the Daley Center in his hometown of Chicago. Yes, he lives in D.C., but he still has his place in Chi-Town and had to show up for his civil duties.

POTUS was eventually dismissed, but he’ll still get paid the $17.20 for showing up. Ha!

Peep clips from his entrance below:




Gotta love it.

Another YBFer in Chicago...


 photo chancecouncil.jpg

As you know by now, Chance The Rapper is one of the biggest advocates for students in his hometown of Chicago. He raised $2 million to donate to Chicago Public Schools and he’s still fighting for them, showing up to meetings while trying to make a difference.

The Coloring Book rapper popped up at a City Council meeting last night to rip Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's proposal to build a $95 million police academy public-safety training campus on the West Side of the city. Chance argued that the $95 million should go towards the school in Chicago to build pools, new libraries, museums, hell anything that would could elevate their education.

Oh, and the mayor was super shady when Chance walked up to speak. Homie got up and walked out.

“I guess the mayor had to step out when I came up but it’s cool cause because I came to talk to you guys right now,” Chance said to the council.

It’s reported the mayor stepped out to wish his mother a Happy Birthday.


The 24-year-old rapper continued:

“Financially, this proposed plan doesn’t make sense. We don’t have $95 million. They’re just asking for $10 million today to purchase the land. But we don’t have the rest of the money to do it, so why let them go ahead with this right now? There’s a lot of different services that need to be funded.”

“It would be awesome, though, if we could get them pools at their school or a new library or a museum or any of the things that are proposed in the budget for this $95 million cop academy,” Chance said.

“You guys have a lot of power . . . That’s the reason I showed up at 8 a.m. It’s because I feel like maybe, if you guys just hear me say it” it might make a difference,” Chance said.

Chance put up a good fight, but the city council shot it down and voted to have the $95 million police academy built, 48 to 1. While this may seem like a failure, its actions like these that are going to ultimately change the environments we want to be changed for the better. We hope Chance going to speak at the city council will inspire other rappers and entertainers to return to their hood and speak up for the people still living there.

Peep his full speech below:

Photos: GettyRich Hein/Sun-Times

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