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Tyrese Comes UNDONE: Posts Bawling Crying Video & Lengthy Statements Begging Ex (And The Rock) - 'Don't Take My Baby!'


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Tyrese has definitely come undone. In his latest video, he cries uncontrollably about being broke and begging his ex wife not to take his baby. And he's also posting lengthy statements going off on The Rock (again). Full story inside...

We thought we saw Tyrese go off the rails before, but this is a whole other level.

Black Ty is in the  middle of a custody battle where he claims his ex-wife Norma Gibson is trying to alienate him and strip him of his parental rights when it comes to their 10-year-old daughter Shayla Gibson.  Norma claims he severely abused Shayla and she wants a permanent restraining order against him.

Just a week or so after he flew a banner over Shayla's school to proclaim his love for her, he's taken to social media to let it all hang out.

In a fit of uncontrollable crying, the actor says he's going broke trying to battle Norma in court, and he doesn't know where his rich friends are to help. We wonder where he got the money for that private jet last week then....

He says, "I've got all these millionaire friends an billionaire friends, and nobody's showing up for me. Why when I showed up for you?"

He begs profusely for Norma to not take his baby away, and wants fathers who have been accused of not taking care of their child to stand up with him.  Here's the video (which has now removed from his account):


Ty also posted a few lengthy statements targeting Lee Daniels and The Rock.  Some type of way, he weaved in Martin Luther King, Jr. as well.  He says The Rock and others don't care about the well being of his daughter since they're taking side deals without him being involved. 

He threatened to leave the Fast franchise if The Rock's character, Hobbs, returns.



Deep, deep sigh.

Shayla's nanny is reportedly testifying in court today.  We'll keep you posted...

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