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STRIPPER LIVES MATTER: Exotic Dancers Go On Strike In NYC


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Strippers in NYC are pissed that bartenders are getting special treatment in the club that results in the strippers making less coinage. Sip the tea inside…

The strippers and bartenders are at war in NYC! Yes, this is real. Play with a chick's coin, she's coming for that ass.

Several popular strippers in NYC have gone on strike and they don’t plan on getting back on the pole until the clubs CHECK the bartenders.

So what’s the issue?

Well, the strippers are upset that the bartenders are damn near doing their job when it comes to shaking their a**, but are quick to degrade strippers. The strippers feel like the club owners are letting bartenders do whatever they want which results in the bartenders making more money than the actual strippers. The strippers claim bartenders - who don't have to pay house fees or for multiple outfits like strippers do - have gone as far as dancing on the side of the stage to collect coins THEY were supposed to scoop up.


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Dancer Gizelle Marie has opened up dialogue among herself, fellow strippers and bartenders. Check out some of the commentary below:






Who ever wants to support this is bigger than just us!!! SWIPE LEFT!!!

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We've reached out to Gizelle about all of this, but no word back from her yet.

Another dancer, DesMonique, is also speaking out on the injustice (swipe left):


There is a "stripper" strike( I hate using that word for myself anyway. But there was a big debate and a lot of low blow jabs thrown at strippers, bartenders, club owners and promoters. MORAL OF MY STORY IS THIS. I'm a #feminist at heart. Instead of tearing each other Down is as "strippers bartenders even models who men drool , want, trick on , etc we have to come together in these misogynistic industries ran SOLELY BY MEN.and take back control over how we are treated, viewed, promoted etc. IT's sad that men sit here n laugh at the environment they created to tear us down by putting us against one another. It's sad that feeding the internet with nothing but tits ass and hey come get a drink by this half naked bitch Is acceptable ! There was a time where Stripclubs were not heavily promoted. men didn't bring women on dates to the strip club. Men didn't talk about it because it was the one place they were sold a fantasy. They could get away from the headaches of their job , women and life all together. They could walk in the club and we were in control of their pockets and their egos. As where now Stripclubs in NYC are the new regular club. MEn got tired of sizing other men up at regular clubs surrounded by airhead bitches in tight dresses that don't know how to have a good time! Men come in and expect us to kiss their ass if they have a few bottles or a stack of ones in front of them. The game is fucked up. And not never in all my years of "trapping" will I ever let a man that comes in the Stripclubs for selfish gains dictate my value or worth. AS A MAN you are to come to the strip club KNOWING WHAT YOU WILLING TO SPEND. The only decision u have to figure out is WHO YOU WILL DECIDE TO SPEND IT ON. Have a type! Know what you fucking like! Turn up not because the nigga across from you is but because you are enjoying and doing you! I'm here to supply a service that is ARTISTIC AND SEDUCTIVE. I'm here for u to sit at the bar and tip me because your lady at home can't do what I do or look as good doing it. NEVER BE MISTAKEN.

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Tonight, the ladies will meet up to organize their strike and come up with ways to have their demands met. 

Listen, everybody's got a lane in every business.  Folks, including strip club bartenders, gotta stick to theirs.

What do you think about the #StripperStrike? Do they have a point?

Photo: Gizelle's IG

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