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Fetty Wap Introduces Baby #...Hell, We Lost Count + Cops Called After ‘LAHH: Hollywood' BEATDOWN During Reunion Taping


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Fetty Wap is a dad…again Meet Baby Lauren, plus the explosive details about a fight that went down during the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” where cops had to be called inside…

Fetty Wap is looking to take the crown for the rapper with the most babies and baby mamas since becoming famous. He had one before he got into the rap game and now he's popping them out left and right.

The Patterson native just debuted his newest baby Lauren via Instagram Stories. We've lost count what number this is for him, but she's adorable. It’s somewhere along the lines of 5-6 kids and 5-6 baby mothers. Sighs…

We hear the mother of Baby Lauren might possibly be discussed on the upcoming “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” reunion, but we’ll have to wait for the reunion to know for sure.

Not only that, it has also been rumored that “LAHH: Hollywood” star Alexis Skyy is currently pregnant with Fetty’s baby. Neither Fetty nor Alexis have addressed the rumors, but we’re sure it’ll be addressed at the reunion.

Speaking of the reunion…


Another reunion, another brawl.

Ish got crazy during the recent taping of “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” which resulted in the cops being called.

If you’ve been keeping up with the show then you know castmates Zellswag (real name Rodney Lazell Shaw) and Misster Ray (real name Myles Cunningham) have been at each other’s necks since they met. There were a few times Zellswag and Misster Ray almost came to blows, but it actually came to the point where punches were thrown at the reunion taping.

The season 4 reunion taping went down Tuesday night in NYC. Sources close to production tell TMZ Zellswag and Misster Ray were going back and forth about “who jacked whose swag.” Really guys?

At some point, the guys made a semi “truce” and went in for a hug, but that’s when all hell broke loose. Zellswag reportedly started punching and kicking Misster Ray. Yikes!

The cops were called, but by the time they got there Zellswag had already dipped. Now, law enforcement is looking for him for questions due to a misdemeanor assault report being filed.

Minutes after the alleged beatdown, Misster Ray made a video where he confirmed he filed the police report and called him a “ghetto monkey." Check it:

Photogs caught up with Zellswag yesterday at LAX where he told his side of the story. He explained he's going to turn himself in, but he wishes Misster Ray would fess up to how he contributed to the fight:

Will you be tuning in?

Photos: Fetty's IG

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