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FOR THE CULTURE: #ChocolateRescueBae Has Social Media All Hot & Bothered


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"Mr. Officer, I’ve broken a few laws. Arrest me now." That’s what most of the ladies on Gainsville Police Department Facebook page are saying. #ChocolateRescueBae’s hot selfie has us hot and bothered. Drool over this fine man inside…


We’re booking a flight to Gainesville, Florida.

The Gainesville Police Department posted selfies of the first responders who were helping Hurricane Irma victims this week, and now their Facebook is flooded - pun intended - with comments from women drooling over the sexy officers.

Like, women were really losing their ish over the #RescueBaes. But, #ChocolateRescueBae is the one who really had us like DAMN, naturally.


Meet Officer Fine AF Hatcher.


He's single, works the night shift, and was just minding his business cutting down trees after the storm when he decided to post pics.  His comments were LIT.

After the flicks when viral the police department decided they’ll put together a calendar and donate the proceeds to the Hurricane Irma relief efforts. Hey, the comments were BEGGING for them to do it. The police department posted, “There WILL be a calendar.”

*subscribes to their Facebook page* We need this calendar JUST for #ChocolateRescueBae.

By the way, one of the #RescueBaes from GPD who initially got the department trending on Twitter with this three-way-selfoe, apparently is racist and a Nazi lover:

Go figure.

Photo: Gainesville Police Department’s FB

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