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ANOTHER ROUND! Trina VS. Khia – ‘I Can't Respect Trina! She’s Still Lying About Sucking & F****** For Tracks’


 photo trinakhia.jpg

Khia has reignited her beef once again with Trina and Trina had time. Peep their heated exchange inside…

Rappers Trina and Khia have been at each other’s necks for as long as we can remember. We’re not sure how their beef first started, but Hip Hop fans know Khia and Trina don’t mix.

Well, Khia was looking to get a reaction out of Trina when she started coming for her once again about how she made a name for herself in the Hip Hop world.

It all started when Trina released a scathing video airing out her frustrations about other female rappers looking to sabotage her career. She didn’t name any names, but fans assumed the Miami raptress was referring to another rapper/upcoming ”Love & Hip Hop: Miami” possible co-star KimBRocks.

Last week, Khia decided to make a video chiming in on Trina’s beef and dragged her while doing so. Basically, she said she doesn’t respect Trina’s hustle because she has been lying about the way she got her come up. She said she respects someone like Cardi B because she has always kept it real about her "hoe" past, unlike Trina.

Peep a portion of the video below:

Fast forward to this week, Khia hopped on Instagram to come for Trina yet again, still blasting her for not being truthful about her past. Here’s what she said:

 photo trinakhia1.jpg

Trina had time and went OFF on Khia, calling her a bum b*tch who's obsessed with her: 

 photo trinakhia2.jpg



Khia popped yet again:





If you haven't heard, Trina will supposedly be starring on the upcoming "Love & Hip Hop: Miami" series. We wouldn't be surprised if Mona Scott-Young called up Khia for a few scenes. No word yet when the show premieres, but we'll keep you posted.

Photos: Trina's IG/Khia's IG

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