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Meek Mill ARRESTED In NYC After He Snitched On Himself On Instagram


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Folks never learn that their Instagram flossing will get them caught up and locked up.  The latest on Meek Mill's reckless arrest inside...

Meek Mill posted himself speeding through the streets of New York the other day on his dirt bike.  The bike lover, who has a whole game app about bike life, was showing off as usual when, apparently, someone called the cops saying folks were endangering others on the street with their behavior.

Cops went on the hunt...via social media...and linked the foolery to the Philly rapper. Based on a police report we viewed for either Meek or someone in his crew, authorities allege the rapper and co. were indeed riding bikes in a dangerous manner.  And they confirmed this via Meek's video posted to his Instagram page.

The call was put in Wednesday by a citizen who said folks were popping wheelies and riding dangerously (and helmet-less) down the street. Cops picked up Meek a little after 10 ET Thursday as he was riding in his Rolls Royce Wraith.

He was taken in for questioning to the Upper Manhattan precinct.

Video of Meek being arrested surfaced online late last night, and an officer can be heard telling Meek he has video of the star “riding up and down the street.”  Meek also posted the arrest on Instagram Live:



#meekmill was arrested last night in NYC after an alleged dirt bike stunt

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Meek Mill performed his new track "Young Black America" featuring The-Dream from his new album Wins & Losses on 'Fallon' just hours before getting arrested:

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The irony....


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