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Alleged Details From Steve Harvey’s Nasty Divorce From First Ex-Wife Marcia EXPOSED -- Cheating, Drug Rings & More


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Secrets from Steve Harvey’s past are coming to light thanks to court documents that were reportedly unveiled about his divorce from his ex-wife Marcia Harvey. Decide if you believe it all inside…

We've herd plenty from the most recent ex-wife.  But Steve Harvey’s first wife Marcia Harvey wants the world to know how Steve did her when they decided to call it quits, well when he decided.

RadarOnline got the divorce documents that paint the story of how Steve and Marcia split. Marcia claims Steve left her while she was pregnant and failed to pay child support.

A source tells the publication, “This is the secret Steve hoped the world would never know! His behavior toward Marcia and his family was worse than despicable!”

The site breaks down the legal papers:

In the explosive legal papers, Marcia also accused Steve — now worth over $140 million — of stiffing her and his children despite earning over $1 million a year from the sitcom “Me and the Boys.” She claimed: “Defendant has given the Plaintiff an amount far less than is necessary to provide the bare necessities for her family.”

In April 1994, Steve was ordered to pay Marcia $5,100 a month in support payments, plus her legal fees. But 14 months later Marcia submitted an affidavit to the court claiming she hadn’t gotten one red cent.

In the June 1995 document Marcia stated: “As of this date, I have not received any payment whatsoever from defendant Wonderlove Inc. or from Defendant Steve Harvey.”

Later that year, Marcia was awarded $36,000 in back child support payments and his monthly amount was raised to $6,630 a month.

The divorce papers also show that Steve moved in with his second wife Mary Shackelford before he officially divorced Marcia. After they split, Mary accused Steve of bigamy with claims that he was still married to her when he wed his 3rd wife Marjorie Harvey.

Oh, and there’s more.

The site is also claims the “Family Feud” host is tied to two drug rings through his wife Marjorie, but the details don't sound plausible:

The FBI and DEA began investigating Marjorie while she was married to drug lord Jim L. Townsend, 68.

Documents reviewed by Radar reveal the two agencies suspected Marjorie played a role in the drug ring, and told Townsend that “his wife would be arrested, as the agents believed they had substantial evidence of her own illegal activities” if he didn’t cooperate.

Townsend was eventually indicted for attempting to buy 40 kilos of cocaine and sentenced to life in prison. He served 26 years and was released in January 2017 after being granted a pardon by then-President Barack Obama.

Jim Townsend spoke with RadarOnline to reveal Steve made Marjorie cut him off once he found out what types of ish he was in.

“He made her cut me off,” says Jim. “All those 17 years, I could call night or day and she was always there for me. But when she met him, that phone was cut off the next day.”

So, if Steve told her not to talk to him anymore, we're not sure why the site said he was tied to the drug smuggling ring.  We're not believing that tea just yet.  There was no mention of Steve actually being involved, but as for his current wife...


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