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DRAGGING SEASON: Trina SNAPS On Haters, Gives The Internet LIFE In The Process


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Whoever Trina just went all the way in on, somebody might want to pass them some castor oil for their edges. Get into the dragging the Baddest B***h just delivered across all social media inside....

Who's f'n with the baddest?! Trina told y'all years ago: if she's ever crossed or ever caught up in the cross....And if it's your fault ho, she's going off ho.

Fast forward to the epic dragging that just took place on Trina's IG Live. In between yelling to somebody to light her blunt and flossing on a rooftop, the 35 Queen lit somebody all the way up.

It sounds like she had to set the record straight after she was accused of not giving back to her city, and somebody was trying to snatch her crown.

Chick said NOT TODAY, and unleashed a tirade on a few social platforms.

OK Katrina!

She followed up right after with a few warning shot Tweets as well:

Last year, a rumor circulated that she and Trick Daddy were joining "Love & Hip Hop" with the franchise expanding to Miami. We hear this pop-off may be related to another supposed cast member, if true.

Trina quickly became a trending topic on Twitter, with folks ready to protect the Diamond Princess:



Whoever she's talking to, you did this to yourselves.

By the way, she's gearing up to drop her album The One on 09.08.17.


Photo: Instagram

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