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Miami Dolphins Passing Up On Colin Kaepernick For Retired Jay Cutler Pissed Everybody Off + Master P Is Launching Co-Ed Basketball League


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The NFL and its toxic white privilege has folks like…whet?! The Miami Dolphins needed a quarterback ,and instead of offering Colin Kaepernick the job (or even giving him a try out), theywent an unexpected route. Get those deets, plus find out about Master P’s co-ed basketball league inside….

The NFL is something else!

Apparently, you can be accused of assaulting a woman, raping a woman and killing someone and still be offered a 2nd chance in the NFL. Yet, if you practice your American RIGHT to protest in the name of something you believe in, you get black balled.

Last year, Colin Kaepernick made a bold move when he decided to kneel during the National Anthem. This year, he’s looking for a job. Why? Because the “powers that be” don’t like when a black man has a voice and uses his platform for the greater good.

The Miami Dolphins were in need of a quarterback for the upcoming season after Ryan Tannehill’s ACL injury. So, what do they do? They start looking in the retirement pool to see who can fill the job. Hello, Colin is still unemployed!

Apparently, Miami Dolphins head coach Adam Gase is Jay Cutler’s old coach.  To  them, it makes “sense.” Well, several others don’t think so.

Here’s what’s floating around on Twitter:







ESPN’s “First Take” commentator Stephen A. Smith had plenty to say about the NFL blackballing the 34-year-old player. He said the signing of Jay Cutler to the Dolphins is the epitome of white privilege:



In the wake of Colin still not having a job as training camp kicks off, a new Change.org petition has been launched, vowing to BOYCOTT the 2017 NFL season if the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback isn’t picked up by a team. You can add your name to the list by clicking HERE.

Despite the NFL's non support, rapper J. Cole is standing behind him:

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Colin and his girlfriend/HOT 97 personality Nessa linked up with Cole backstage at one of his recet 4 Your Eyez Only tour stops. And as you can see, J. Cole was rocking Colin's "I Know My Rights" t-shirt.

Thoughts on how the NFL is treating Colin in the aftermath of the protest?


By the way, Spike Lee says that ad floating around for a Kaepernick rally, with Kap's name misspelled, is not his doing:



People Let's Get The Story Straight. I Fully Support My Brother KAP 100 Percent. I However Find His Situation Very Suspect. How Is It Possible That All 32 Teams In The NFL (NO FREEDOM LEAGUE) Can't Or Won't Find A Spot For Number 7 On Their Rosters With His Proven Talent? Do Some Research And Peruse The Current Rosters Of All 32 NFL Teams And Check Out Who Are Their 2nd And 3rd String Quarterbacks (And There Are Teams That He Could Be The Starting QB) . After Doing That, Scratch And Shake Ya Head. Now About This Rally, I First Heard About The United We Stand Rally This Morning. I Did Not Organize It, This Is Not My Brainchild. I Don't Know Who Started This, But It Wasn't Me. The Fact Is I Can't Even Make It To The Rally. I Have A Shoot The Very Same Day Which Was Planned 2 Weeks Ago That I CAN NOT Reschedule. Nonetheless I Will Be There In Spirit And Solidarity. I Truly Hope And Pray That 1 Courageous Owner And General Manager Will Step Up And DO THE RIGHT THING. Kap Needs To Be In Uniform In The NFL For The 2017-18 Season. Onward And Upward, Spike Lee. YA DIG - SHO-NUFF? And Dats Da "COLLUSION" TRUTH, RUTH

A post shared by Spike Lee (@officialspikelee) on


In basketball news...

Master P is gearing up to bring a new basketball league to sports fans.

The Hip Hop mogul has been named president of a new professional basketball league for men and women, announced as GMGB (Global Mixed Gender Basetball).

P’s first order of business? Sign former football player LaVar Ball, the father on L.A. Lakers player/rookie Lonzo Ball.

"I want to get LaVar Ball into the league. I want to see how good he really is,” P told photogs.

He also said he’s looking to sign WNBA star Lisa Leslie and recently retired NBA baller Paul Pierce. Yes, this is a real thing.

P noted the league is all about giving woman an opportunity to play against men on a professional level.

Watch out Ice Cube! That 3-on-3 League isn't the only new kid on the sports block.


Photos: Colin's IG

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