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FOOLYWANG OF THE DAY: HOW SWAY?! Houston Man Catfished Out Of $80,000 By 'Exotical' Woman He Never Met!


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A Houston man is speaking out after a catfish was able to finagle $80,000 from him. Find out how they did it inside…

They say love is blind, but is it THIS blind?

A Houston man is speaking out after he was tricked into sending a catfish a cool $80,000 over several years. Greg Davis said he met an “exotic girl” from Chicago who goes by the name Malikah on Match.com. He said he decided to give online dating a try since he works two jobs and hardly has time to go out and actually meet women.

Greg and the catfish instantly hit it off and their online relationship was filled with emails, phone calls and a little sexting.

One day, Greg received an email informing him that Malikah’s father had died and left her millions of dollars in his will. Malikah needed Greg to front her some cash for taxes and shipping of the money, and he didn’t hesitate to help her.

"It was increments of $5,000, $10,000," he told KHOU. "It was also spent trying to pay for the fine that was on the money in storage."

To help Malikah get this alleged money, he drained his retirement, maxed out credit cards and even took out more than a dozen payday loans. REALLY, Greg? Come on!

“I feel kind of stupid," Greg admitted. You think?

This man sent someone whom he had NEVER met money for over 2 years!

Sadly, it's definitely not the first time we've heard this story.  Vut in 2017....come on bruh!

Obviously, Greg isn’t that tech savy. KHOU was able to do a little digging and found out that the woman posing as Malikah was actually a Colombia porn star.

As for that mystery woman, she could be anyone, but the pictures sent to Davis matched what we found on a Facebook page for a Colombian porn star. Bloop!

"Make sure you're actually face-to-face with that person you're supposed to be dealing with, because the internet dating thing, you don't know what you're getting," he said.

Hear Greg's sob story below:

Take notes kids! Don't be THIS guy.

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