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Here’s How The Paparazzi Tricked Tyra Banks Into Posting A Picture Of Her Son


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Tyra Banks reveals the paparazzi were the reason she shared the first picture of her son York to the public. Find out how they tricked her inside…

Tyra Banks went a whole year without sharing any pictures of her son York Banks Asla (whom she shares with boyfriend Erik Asla), but that all changed after an outing with her baby boy and her dad.

On Father’s Day, the former supermodel went out to celebrate at a restaurant with her father and her son York, she explained during an interview on the “Late Night With Seth Meyers” this week. The restaurant was by the ocean and her son wanted to take a dip, so she let him.

“It wasn’t so much that I was itching for the world to see him,” she explained. “I went to a restaurant for Father’s Day with my son and my dad. It was by the ocean and my son was, ‘Awa! Awa! Awa!’ Water. And so I was like, ‘OK, you’re going to get in the water for the first time.’ I slathered him with sunscreen; he was looking purple, because he’s black, so when we put on sunscreen we look purple. And he just was looking crazy — got slammed by waves, sand everywhere.”

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When it was time to leave, the paparazzi were lined up outside of the venue trying to catch that money shot of the "America's Got Talent" host's son. She covered her son as they made their way to their vehicle, but she wasn't sure if they were able to get a flick of her son.

“I pull over the gas station after they get the shot, I text his dad and I’m like, ‘I’ve got to put this picture out before the paparazzi. I don’t want them to make money off our child and have the first picture.’ So, I posted the damn picture.”

“The next day, there ain’t no paparazzi pictures, ’cause mama knew how to hide that camera. She’s a supermodel for a reason! And so now his picture is out there and I didn’t need it to be!”

Those pesky photographers!

Peep the clip of the 43-year-old mom sharing the story below: 


In another segment, Tyra talked about what she misses about living in NYC, how she uses her "America's Next Top Model" skills to host "America's Got Talent" and more. Check it below: 


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