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DID YOU KNOW? Jada Pinkett Smith Was A Drug Dealer When She Met Tupac


 photo JadaPinkettSmithHodaKotbHostsLeadinga7GMYHJ7vrjl.jpg

So this is a shocker! Jada Pinkett Smith says she used to sling drugs back in the day when she first met her good friend Tupac Shakur. Deets inside…

Jada Pinkett Smith…drug dealer?

Look, we all have a past, so there’s no judgment here. We’re just shocked.

The extra fly 45-year-old actress is still making her rounds in NYC to promote her new comedy, Girls Trip, where she made a stop at Sirius XM to chop it up with Sway during his morning show.

Jada revealed a part of her past we knew nothing about. Apparently, when she met her good friend/slain rapper Tupac Shakur, she was out in these streets slanging drugs. Whet?

"I haven't really told the whole story. One of the things that is very interesting that I've never really said before is that when I first meet Pac... when we first met... I was a drug dealer.”

Something very bad happened to Jada while she was selling drugs, which made her want to get out. As she was trying to get out, she said Pac was trying to get in the game.

She wouldn’t get into too many details about her drug dealing past because she’s about to write a book about it. So, stay tuned for that.  We can't wait to read about how she completely turned it all around to become the super fab chick she is today.

Peep the interview below:


 photo JadaPinkettSmithHodaKotbHostsLeadingHDj3QgULwfRl.jpg

 photo JadaPinkettSmithHodaKotbHostsLeadingz6WCQfULpHKl.jpg

Still making her rounds, Jada also chopped it up with "TODAY" show host Hoda Kotb. for a ladies event.

 photo JPINK.jpg

Pretty in pink! Jada also hit up "Good Morning America" this AM in this super cute jumpsuit.


Girls Trip hits theaters tomorrow!

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