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EXCLUSIVE: Apparently, 'Power' Chick 'Keisha' DOES Want In On That Drug World Life, According To La La Anthony


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La La Anthony sheds light on what fans can expect from her role as Lakeisha in the hit series “Power.” Find out what she just told TheYBF.com inside…

First things first, Lakeisha (aka Keisha) is alive!

During the season finale of season 3 of “Power,” fans were left with a cliffhanger about whether or not La La Anthony’s character Keisha made it out of her shop alive. Now, we know she’s still here and has apparently kicked off a new relationship with Ghost’s (Omari Hardwick) right hand man, Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora).

In the most recent episode, we see Keisha telling Tommy she wants his and her bestie Tasha St. Patrick’s (Naturi Naughton) name off the lease on her beauty shop.  If you recall, they took over in order to launder drug money through her business.  The Feds are interviewing folks after Ghost’s arrest, including herself, so she’s shook.

The mother-of-one (in both real life and on screen) could possibly lose her salon and her livelihood. But, does she really want no parts of that drug life? La La seems to think she does, but she doesn’t really know what comes with the territory.

Maybe after getting it in with Tommy (*fans self*), she had a change of heart?

YBF correspondent Unique Chapman sat down with La La and her co-star Rotimi (Dre) to pick their brains about what's really going down this season.  The newly separated actress dished:

“You’re finally see Lakeisha and who she is, what she’s about,” La explained to TheYBF.com. “You’re seeing her in different relationships. She wants to be apart of this world so bad, but I don’t think she has a full understanding of what that means and as her hands get further into it she starts questioning, ‘Is this something I really want to do or not?’”

Going back and forth about whether she really wants to be apart of this drug world could be dangerous for Keisha. And it also will have an effect on her relationship with Tasha.

“Friendships are supposed to be built on honesty and loyalty. She [Tasha] wasn’t honest and she wasn’t loyal, so I still love her and she’s still my best friend, but it definitely causes some conflict and turmoil within our friendship which is going to be interesting to watch throughout the season.”

It’s definitely going to get interesting once Tasha finds out Keisha is sleeping with Tommy.  Hmph.

Meanwhile, Rotimi talked about how his character Dre is playing both sides between Ghost and Kanan (50 Cent) and how well the writers developed his character.  He's killing the role, by the way.

Check out our chat with our faves below:

Catch the new episode of "Power" this Sunday at 9pm EST on STARZ.


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