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FASHION WARS: Reco Chapple & Michael Costello DRAG Each Other On Social Media – N-Word Accusations, Design Thieves & More


 photo rcmcteaser.jpg

The fashion designers are snatching wigs! Reco Chapple and Michael Costello are at each other’s THROATS and we’ve got the receipts. More inside...

Outside of all of the drama Rob Kardashian has stirred up today, there’s another beef going on social media.

Fashion designers Reco Chapple and Michael Costello (who has made custom gowns for the likes of Beyonce and others) are dragging each other. And here’s why…

After the 2017 BET Awards, Reco posted a YouTube video recapping all of the fashion ensembles that hit the carpet. He said something about black celebrities wearing Michael Costello designs (i.e. Blac Chyna) over wearing black designers, who could use the exposure. He said he feels like black celebs shouldn’t support Michael because he has used the “N” word numerous times, even calling women “n*gger b*tches.”

*clutches pearls*

Well, someone told Michael about Reco’s comments in his vlog and he decided to respond on social media.

Here’s what he posted:

 photo rcmc4.png

 photo rcmc5.png

 photo rcmc6.png


It didn’t take long for Reco to respond and he whipped out receipts. He shared Michael’s post and he also included a text exchange between himself and Michael:

 photo rcmc1.png

 photo rcmc2.png

 photo rcmc3.png


Oh, and he wasn't done there.


Reco then went back to make a video on YouTube to break down everything that went down before their social media showdown. Sip his tea below: 

Does he have a point about celebrities supporting designers like Michael Costello and not black designers?


Photos: Reco's IG/Michael's IG

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