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WHAT BEEF? Azealia Banks Clears Up Iggy Azalea Collaboration Announcement + Cardi B Pops Off After Being Hacked


 photo banksiggyteaser.jpg

Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea have squashed their beef and they’re currently gearing up for a collabo track. Get the deets, plus how Cardi B popped off after her social media accounts were hacked inside…

Well, we certainly didn’t see this coming.

After being engaged in a feud since 2011, Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea have made amends for the sake of “female empowerment.” They buried the hatchet after Iggy posted an Instagram message to Banks, revealing she didn’t hate her and that she hoped to speak with her so they could hash out their differences.

It worked, because now they’re currently gearing up for a collabo. Iggy made the announcement on her SnapChat:

 photo iggy2.jpg


Apparently, Iggy made the collaboration announcement a bit too early as nothing has been finalized quite yet. Banks explained:

 photo banks1.png

 photo banks2.png

As expected, fans seemed confused about the collaboration and why it was happening. Iggy tried to explain why she and Banks are hopping on a track together: 

 photo iggy1.png

Well, there you have it. 

2017 is all about forgiveness...and how to make a come up.

In other social media news...



Some strange tweets popped up on Cardi B's timeline last night. The tweets fired shots at Nicki Minaj and claimed that Cardi had engaged in sexual activities with rappers 21 Savage (who's currently dating Amber Rose) and Lil Durk. Peep the tweets above.



#CardiB got hacked. But here's the shenanigans in case you missed it.

A post shared by TheYBF (@theybf_daily) on


But, it appears the "Love & Hip Hop" star fell victim to a hacker. And she had a special message for whomever took over her account:


Sooo fucking annoyed fucking WEIRDOS -___-

A post shared by Cardi B Official IG (@iamcardib) on


Things seem to be back to the regularly scheduled program now. Glad she got it back. 


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