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Xscape Serenades Their Men On Stage...And That Includes Tiny & T.I.


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What beef?!  T.I. made an appearance on stage during his estranged wife's concert last night.  So what does all this mean?  Deets inside...

Just days after Tameka "Tiny" Cottleopenly admitted she and T.I. are still at odds and argue heavily over co-parenting, they attempted to put on a united front in Detroit last night.

The ladies of Xscape rocked the stage in Chene Park for the second night in a row, and they pulled out a little something special for the 4th of July.  The husbands/significant others of the group members were brought out on stage to get serenaded by the ladies during "Do You Want To." 

Even T.I. made a suited up appearance with his and Tiny's baby girl Heiress in his arms during the segment.

While all the other ladies were damn near giving lap dances to their men, T.I. & Tiny seemed a bit distant in comparison.

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It's no secret T.I. wasn't here for Tiny returning to work and the group, and espcially wasn't here for her going on tour. He tried to mansplain his old school "I don't want my wife to work" thought process on their show "The Family Hustle."

Now that they're separated, has he had a change of heart?

He surely was all up on stage last night during Xscape's show as his wife (for now) sang to him.  Check it:


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Folks have been wondering if The Harrises are simply playing everybody for publicity.  Are they creating a nonexistent war between the two of them in order to get another TV show or business opportunity?  They surely do go back and forth with whether they're going to go through with the split.

Time will tell...


Photos/Videos: Instagram/@picturemeclubbin

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