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Tiffany Haddish Takes The CROWN In Getting Revenge Against A Cheating Ex


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When it comes to getting revenge on an ex-boyfriend, "The Carmichael Show" & upcoming Girls' Trip star Tiffany Haddish is the Queen, for sure. Find out how she got the ultimate revenge on a cheating ex-boyfriend inside…

You may have been through this before. You’re in a relationship with a guy and you find out that he’s cheating. Naturally, you want revenge to help heal your broken heart. After your girls come and pack your knives and other weapons away, you may or may not start to get creative.  Tiffany Haddish DEF got creative. She found out her man was cheating (AND made a sex tape), and chick went from 0 to 100…real quick.

While chatting with Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club,” the Girls Trip actress revealed she took a dump in a pair of her cheating ass ex's sneakers. And not just any sneakers, his Jordans.

Apparently, her ex slept with a chick and had the audacity to make a sex tape of the encounter. She ended up viewing the tape (after searching in the dumpster for two hours in the rain – and no we're not judging) and decided she would get him back.

She said after chowing down on some corn, the time to go to the bathroom came around.  So she took the shoe and let loose.


Days later, Tiffany suggested to her cheating boyfriend that they go play basketball. She brought the shoes with her and persuaded him to wear them. She watched him put his foot in the shoe full of her sh*t and once he realized what happened, she started celebrating.

Oh, and she wasn’t done there.

The stand-up comedian concocted another plan.  She befriended the girl her ex was cheating with and proceeded to pimp her out. Apparently, her ex would make the other woman strip and perform sexual acts on camera and would have her deal in prostitution, and then take most of the money. She offered the girl more money if she worked for her, so the chick took her up on the offer and Tiffany got her some work. Ha! “I took his b*tch,” she said.

No loyalty in THOTville.

We learned a LOT about Tiffany’s upbringing and she definitely didn’t have the ideal childhood. From her stepfather causing harm to her mother to Tiffany herself having to raise her siblings, it's been a rough ride.  And she's clearly winning now.

Get all of the madness she went through, including almost DYING from Toxic Shock Syndrome from a tampon, in her full interview below:

Tiffany will be bringing the laughs in Girls Trip when it hits theaters July 21st. Mark your calendars!


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