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Lonzo Ball Making Fun Of His Dad In Foot Locker Ad Is Genius + Serena Williams Proves Pregnancy Won’t Stop Her From Putting In Tennis Work...Yet


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College basketball player Lonzo Ball makes light of his father LaVar Ball’s crazy antics in a new ad for Foot Locker and it’s quite funny. Meanwhile, a pregnant Serena Williams is flexing her tennis skills, proving pregnancy hasn’t slowed her down just yet. Get it all inside…

To say Lonzo Ball’s dad LaVar Ball is a helicopter parent is an understatement. He takes his role as the father of a NBA draftee very seriously. We can't even hate him for it, to be honest.

Like that time he trashed Lonzo’s high school coach in front of crowd because he wasn’t satisfied with how his son wasn’t getting enough touches. And then there was that time LaVar blamed the white UCLA players on why they lost the NCAA Tournament to Kentucky in March. Or that time LaVar appeared on “First Take” and got into a shouting matching with host Stephen A. Smith about how is son is already better than Steph Curry.

Yeah, he’s quite the character.

Well, Lonzo is featured in a Father’s Day-themed commercial for Foot Locker with a few NBA draft hopefuls, including hopefuls De'Aaron Fox, Jayson Tatum, and Jonathan Isaac.

In the clip, Fox and Tatum share special memories with their fathers growing up. However, Lonzo’s memories are very different. Get your laugh on below:




"My dad and I both love the humor of the spot, and I'm glad I got to have a little fun around the topic before going to the league," Lonzo Ball said in a press release.

The Foot Locker commercial will air during the NBA Draft that kicks off Jun 22nd on ESPN.

Any predictions on which team will scoop up Lonzo Ball? Do you think his father's behavior could hurt him in the draft?

In other sports news...

Yep, she’s still got it.

Serena Williams is good and pregnant with her first child, but that doesn’t mean she can’t get in some tennis work. She’s reportedly about 7 months along, just reaching her third trimester. But, despite her belly growing daily, she’s still a beast on the court.

In a new video, the 35-year-old soon-to-be first-time mom is seen hitting some balls, further confirming her return to the sport once she gives birth.

Check out Rena in action above.

By the way, Serena Williams is the only woman on Forbes’ newly released Top 100 highest paid athletes list. She comes in No. 51 with $27 million made last year.

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