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CHECKMATE! Now That We've Digested The #ComeyHearing, Get Into These Tweets


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Now that we've all had a day to digest the tv gold that was yesterday's congressional hearing, let's discuss.  Former FBI director James Comey spoke before the Senate to clear his name in the Russian hacking drama. Everyone had something to say about it. Peep the best tweets from the Comey hearing inside….

The hearing of the century!

Yesterday, former FBI director James Comey blew the whistle on Trump possibly obstructing justice while giving back-story on his firing.  

While testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee in the Hart Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill, tea was spille din the most professional way possible.

Comey revealed Trump pressured him into dropping the FBI’s investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn (and indirectly, Russian interference in US matters). At one point, Comey reveals Trump demanded his loyalty (Trump said -- after kicking out Jared Kushner and Att. General Sessions -- he hoped Comey would provide him with loyalty).

He dished on their multiple interactions that went down in the first 100 days of his Presidency.  Something that is beyond unusual for the supposedly independent organization that is the FBI.  For reference, Comey met with his previous bosses Bush & Obama about 3-4 times total -- between them -- over a period of 16 years).

Well, Twitter was certainly tuned in and gave its unfiltered commentary. Below are the tweets that had us like "Yassss, say that!"













And then these tweets:

 photo comeyhearing1.jpg

 photo comeyhearing2.jpg


Sound off in the comments on what you thought about the #ComeyHearing!



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