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Steph Curry Has Some Words For LeBron James + Kevin Durant's Reaction To Rihanna's Courtside Hackling Has Us Cackling



Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors kicks off this year’s NBA Finals with a win. Go inside to see what Steph had to say about going against LeBron James and the Cavs for the third consecutive year, plus Kevin Durant’s response to looking Rihanna after making a shot inside…

The first game of the 2017 NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers went down with a BANG last night. The energy in the stadium was on 1000 and could feel it through the television. The Warriors were on fire and ended up taking home the first win against their rivals.

Sitting down for a post-game interview, Steph chopped it up with ABC’s TJ Holmes about the win and what he and his team plan to do for the rest of the Finals. You’ll notice, the Baby Face Assassin doesn’t have that baby face anymore. He grew out his beard and has no plans on cutting it during the Finals.

Going up against arguably one of the best players in the NBA, folks love to stir up drama between King James and Steph, who is regarded as the best shooter in the NBA.  Steph said he's got respect for LeBron and all, but he's not about to get this ring!

But, Steph says it’s all love between him and LeBron. Of course, they’re not buddy-buddy while battling it out on the court, but they both have a mutal respect for one another.  In fact, Steph said once they’re both retired, he sees himself and LeBron reflecting on all the good times  playing against one another in the league.

Peep his interview below:


Speaking of post-game interviews...



Teammates Steph Curry and Kevin Durant sat down to chat with the media following their win against the Cavs, 113-91.

KD shot a 3 pointer towards the end of the game and looked at the crowd afterwards. Social media got into a tizzy as everyone thought KD was staring at Rihanna after making the shot.  In case you forgot, KD tried to shoot his shot at Rihanna on twitter a while back, and she was spotted heckling the hell out of him last night from the sidelines.

A reporter asked him about it, and you can tell he didn’t want anything to do that tea. His face said it all.  Peep the clip above at the 38-minute mark.


By the way, Game 1 was TV gold! It was the third highest Game 1 ever on ABC with an average minute audience of nearly 500,000 viewers.

The 2017 NBA Finals will continue with Game 2 this Sunday at 8pm EST on ABC.



1. Here's an op-ed piece on how Cavs baller J.R.Smith has been dealing with the birth of his premature daughter HERE.

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