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Tyson Beckford Gets Into It With A Man Over His Girlfriend, So Tyson Exposes Him


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Tyson Beckford got all caught up in some relationship drama. It wasn’t his drama though. Find out what we mean, plus deets about a rapper named Ali Vegas making claims that Tyson is on the down low inside….


Tyson Beckford stays in some ish, doesn’t he?  A couple months ago, rapper Ali Vegas accused the model of trying to sleep with him.

Now, the model is caught up in some relationship drama with one of his female fans and her boyfriend. It was a case of when a celebrity takes a picture with a fan and it goes all the way left.

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While hanging out in Las Vegas, a female fan posted a picture with Tyson, who’s currently performing his Chippendales residency, and her boyfriend didn’t like it one bit.

Doing the absolute most, the boyfriend DM’d Tyson and threatened to beat him up…on site! Peep Tyson’s response below. Lordt.

 photo IMG_5411_zpsexeexi7p.png


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Jobs and hobbies are needed, clearly.


Photos: Tyson's IG

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