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BLACK GIRL POWER! Rihanna & Lupita Linking Up With Issa Rae & Ava Duvernay For That Scammer Movie, Netflix Nabs Rights!


 photo RihannaLupitaNyongoArrivalsMiuMiuShowjCAMExW8P7_l.jpeg

Our wishes just came true.  Rihanna and Lupita Nyong'o are about to star in a buddy flick that involves scamming rich white men, and we can thank social media, Issa Rae & Ava Duvernay!

Remember when a Tumblr user said Rihanna and Lupita at the 2014 Miu Miu fashion show looked like characters from a movie where Ri's character scams rich men and 'Pitz is the super smart hacker behind it all? 




Well, yeah.  That ish is actually about to come to life.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Netflix just bought the rights to the flick, and Ava Duvernay and Issa Rae have signed on to bring it to life.


After a dramatic negotiation session at the Cannes Film Festival, Netflix has nabbed a film project pairing Grammy winner Rihanna with Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o, in a concept that began as a Twitter sensation. Ava DuVernay (Selma) will direct, and Issa Rae (Insecure) is writing the screenplay.

According to sources, Netflix landed the project in a very aggressive bid, beating out multiple other suitors.



Both Lupita and Rihanna publicly exchanged tweets back and forth right after the concept initially hit the net saying they were both down to star in it.

Issa and Ava chimed in saying they were down to handle the directing and writing, and here we are.


So what will the person who started it all receive?  Issa Rae's reps told Vanity Fair “the original Twitter users who imagined the concept for this film will be credited and included in some form.”

She better ask for a check while she's at it.

Meanwhile, Rihanna basically handed us the best imagery for the ending of this movie without even realizing it when she hit the carpet at Cannes this weekend:


 photo RihannaOkjaRedCarpetArrivals70thAnnualiMFQetxRSjPl.jpeg



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