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Beyonce’s LEMONADE Crew Accepts Peabody Award, Ava DuVernay Nabs One Too + Solange’s Artistic ‘An Ode To’ Performance Was The Ish


 photo beypeabody.jpg

Beyonce, Ava DuVernay and “Atlanta” won big at this year’s Peabody Awards. Meanwhile, Solange put on a performance like we’ve never seen before. Get it all inside…

 photo 76thAnnualPeabodyAwardsCeremonyArrivalse076kiXCUPsl.jpg

Beyonce and her crew (above) released LEMONADE as a visual album, but it’s being recognized as more than a good album. It’s a great film as well.

 photo POC5.png

The visual album, which was released last year as a short film on HBO, won a Peabody Award for its visual brilliance during The 76th Annual Peabody Awards Ceremony at Cipriani in NYC yesterday. Mrs. Carter could not attend the event as she has been placed on travel restrictions gearing up for the birth of her twins.

 photo POC1.png

 photo 76thAnnualPeabodyAwardsCeremonyInside4hji5vptzLbl.jpg

Bey’s manager Steve Pamon hit the stage to accept the award on her behalf.

 photo POC2.png


LEMONADE wasn't the only work of art scooping up awards...

 photo 76thAnnualPeabodyAwardsCeremonyPressX7nmvmRlGgOl.jpg

Fab directress Ava DuVernay was awarded a Peabody Award for her Netflix documentary “13th,” which shed light on the growing prison population and the negative effects on people of color. Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o presented Ava with the award.

 photo 76thAnnualPeabodyAwardsCeremonyPresspCgAi0o9VyOl.jpg

The award winning directress dedicated her award to “the people behind bars and the people who are waiting for them.

 photo AvaDuVernay76thAnnualPeabodyAwardsCeremonyo9HUZK5ZN8yl.jpg

So gorge.

 photo 76thAnnualPeabodyAwardsCeremonyInsidenrb5RM9cpr7l.jpg

Congrats Ava!

 photo 76thAnnualPeabodyAwardsCeremonyArrivalsyt33IdyfdC5l.jpg

Rashida Jones made her way on the red carpet before hosting the event.

 photo 76thAnnualPeabodyAwardsCeremonyArrivalsmy2sepcsh-fl.jpg

“Atlanta” co-stars Bryan Tyree-Henry and Zazie Beetz were front-and-center to accept the Peabody Award that was awarded to the FX comedy’s creator Donald Glover.

 photo 76thAnnualPeabodyAwardsCeremonyInside261mwOYCONBl.jpg

“If you talk about things that matter to you, you’re talking about things that matter to everyone,” Bryan said.

Donald couldn’t be there because he’s currently working on the next installment of Star Wars.

ESPN's "O.J. Made in America" also won an award during the prestegious event.

In other Knowles news....


 photo SKK1.jpg

Solange put on performance like we’ve never seen her before.

Held at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in NYC as part of the Red Bull Music Academy Festival, Solo served up an intimate presentation, dubbed “An Ode To.” And Solange conceptualized it all as she was the choreographer, musical director and composer.

 photo SKK2.jpg

The performance was an interdisciplinary performance piece and mediation that examined themes from her album A Seat At The Table through movement, installation, and experimentation with reconstructed musical arrangements.

 photo SKK5.jpg

 photo SKK7.jpg

The artistic set featured a full band, a horn ensemble and dancers that performed throughout the museum space, and an audience dressed entirely in all white. There were several YBF notables in attendance, including Zoe Kravitz, Questlove, and Janelle Monae. Solo requested everyone leave their cellphones behind to soak in the show without any distractions.

 photo SKK10.jpg

Meet Solange, the artist.

Her mother Tina Lawson shared a video from the rehersal and praised her daughter for her creative genius:


I just left the actual show at the prestigious Guggenheim Museum in New York! Everyone was was dressed in White! (This is just a rehearsal) Even the audience wore white ! Ive never seen something so darn artistic and beautiful in my life!! Solange's insight and creative spirit for creating the ultimate artistic beauty is insane!! I was so blessed to be able to witness history in the making 75 amazing beautiful black women and men inhabiting an amazing artistic space the audience was of all ethnicities all colors and genders and they all thoroughly absorbed and enjoyed the music and the beautiful art that was displayed today kudos to all the people who sang along to this peice of our History! !! My heart is full

A post shared by Tina Knowles (@mstinalawson) on





Photos: Getty/ @musicmesfin/ @yvettenoelschure/ Carys Huws /Krisanne Johnson/Stacy Kranitz

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