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Cardi B SLAMS All The 'Fake Industry People' In Video Rant, Says She's A Prisoner To Fame


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Cardi B is so over this fake industry ish. And she made it known in a new rant. Check it inside…

“Love & Hip Hop” star Cardi B is OVER all of the fakeness that comes with fame. And she aired out her frustrations in an Instagram Live video while in Dubai. She said she took 8 shots so she was real “f*cking drunk.”

The reality star/rapper, who was nominated for a BET Award, said she’s sick and tired of people being so fake! She said people who didn’t “f*ck with her” when she was stripper now want to be all in her face. Hmm...we wonder who she's talking about.

The Gangsta B*tch Music rapper went on to say the people she used to look up to are fake and wack. She said she used to look up to Trina and wanted to be like her when she was growing up. It sounded like the dude in the background called Trina fake, but we’re not exactly sure.

She said she feels like she has to censor herself and that frustrates her. She became famous for speaking her mind and now she can’t express herself in fear of insulting someone.

“People are forcing me to be fake and I’m not a fake b*tch,” she said. 

She said being famous is not glamorous and she would rather be a regular person living life.“I’m a prisoner to the fame. I’m making so much money and I’m mad f*cking miserable.”

Damn sis.

Take a listen to her rant below:



How do you think Cardi should handle this from here on out?

Photos: Cardi's IG

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