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Here’s How The Obamas Are Fabulously Living Life After The White House


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Former First Couple Barack and Michelle Obama are living it up since leaving the White House and it appears they’re enjoying every minute of it. Find out what the Obamas are up to these days inside….

After eight years living inside of a bubble in the White House, Barack and Michelle Obama are back to civilians again. And they're happy about it.

The former President and former First Lady cover the newest issue of PEOPLE magazine where details about what life is like post-White House are spilled. They’re really just enjoying everyday life things. The stuff they couldn’t do while living on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Mrs. Obama enjoys having the freedom to work up a sweat in a Soul Cycle class. And we know this to be true because we’ve spotted her leaving a session or two in the past. She also enjoys packing her own bag lunch and eating with her staff while watching viral videos in her D.C. office. Ha! As she said in the past, she couldn't wait to hit up Target, so we know she's living it up in the retail spot.

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Meanwhile, Mr. Obama is happy to get out of a suit and rock his leather jacket he tucked away during his presidency.“Imagine putting on a suit and tie almost every day for eight years. I think he enjoys not having to do that,” Barack’s chief of staff, Anita Breckenridge, said. POTUS decided against wearing the leather jacket during his presidency because he didn’t think it was presidential enough to wear while in office. But now, he’s free to wear it when his heart so pleases.

While they still have Secret Service detail, it’s nothing like it used to be. They can decide at the last minute to go to dinner without having to have teams of people prepare for an outing hours before.

However, Mr. Obama is still not allowed to drive anywhere.

“He hasn’t been able to drive, and probably won’t for awhile,” Breckenridge said. “The bubble’s still there, but you can’t underestimate not having a press pool or a large motorcade: It all feels significantly smaller.”

The lucky few who are around them say the Obamas look relaxed and happy. And that’s all we can ask for.

We're so happy that they’re enjoying their much-needed time to do all of the things they want to do. Now, we're just waiting on those post-White House memoirs.

And since this is news...

While Mr. and Mrs. Obama have remained relatively silent about their thoughts on Trump, something Mr. Obama allegedly told friends has recently leaked. PEOPLE supposedly spoke with a few of Obama's friends and he reportedly called Trump “nothing but a bullshitter." It's reported he said this to a few friends in early November, right after his Election Night phone call with Trump. Ha! We'd have to agree.



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