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4 Things You Need To Know From Paris Jackson's Teen VOGUE Cover Story + First Look At Michael Jackson LIFETIME Biopic


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Paris Jackson opens up about a few things in her Teen VOGUE cover story that may surprise you. Find out what she dished, plus check out the first look at the upcoming Michael Jackson biopic from LIFETIME inside….

As soon as Paris Jackson came into this world, she was born into musical royalty. She’s the daughter of Pop icon Michael Jackson and that means she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

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But, unlike other celebuspawns, it’s clear Paris is different. She’s one for social media fame and leaking stories to have her name in the headlines. The budding model/actress is passionate about helping others, just like her dad.

The 19-year-old star in the making covers Teen VOGUE magazine's music issue where she opens up about the issues that she’s passionate about. No, it’s not the fame. She’s deeply concerned about REAL issues and plans on using her platform to shed light on them. Oh, and she conducted the interview via text message. Ha!

We gotta say, it's refreshing to read about a young celeb growing up in this technology driven world with everything readily available at their fingertips who actually cares about something more than social media followers.  Here's 4 ways she just proved she's not like the rest:

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1. Paris isn’t fazed by social media fame. She wants to use her platform to be a voice for the voiceless.

“I honestly used to have no motivation whatsoever to be in the public eye; it scared me. I’ve seen what it can do to people, [and] plenty get hurt. But after a long time of thinking, I started to really see the kind of impact I already have on people, how I was born with a platform, and I didn’t want to waste it. There are so many people who work their entire lives to create a platform and mine was just handed to me.... Why not use it for something important? So many people right now are so focused on what kind of shoes this person has, the designer purse they carry, what car they drive, [or] whether they wear the same outfit more than once. I want to use my platform for something other than that. I want to actually make a difference. So everything that I’m doing—the acting, the modeling—it’s all just to grow my platform so I can use my voice for things that matter.”

2. She cares about worldwide issues.

"What’s happening in Venezuela has been heavy on my mind recently, mostly because of the how the citizens are really, really struggling right now. Do you know how much most of them get paid, like, hourly? It’s outrageous, not to mention [many of them] can barely afford food, and when they can, there’s hardly any food for them to buy."

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3. Paris doesn’t care what the haters think about her. She's doing her.

“The bigger the spotlight, the bigger the target. People can be really cruel. I’ve learned that no matter what you do, you will always receive some kind of ridicule for it. It doesn’t matter if your heart is in the right place—someone will always have a reason to hate you. But that being said, I’ve also learned that it really doesn’t matter and that as long as I follow my heart and continue trying to do what’s right, I’m on the right path.

4.  Social media vs. real world: She gets it.

"...it’s OK to not be OK. Don’t be so hard on yourself. And stop comparing everyone else’s “highlight reel” to your “behind the scenes.” Please don’t give up, because it gets better, and it gets beautiful."

You can read her full interview here.

Speaking of MJ...


LIFETIME is trying their hand at another biopic. This is will follow Pop icon Michael Jackson’s final two years of life, titled Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland. It’s based on a book published by the bodyguards who worked for him before his death.

In the first look, we see several scenes of Michael spending time with his kids. And we also see the bodyguards get interrogated by the police following MJ’s death. While it seems LIFETIME shouldn’t mess this one up receving actual details from people who were closest to him at the time of his death, you just never know with that network. They’ve had a few misses in the past.

Peep the trailer above.

Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland premieres May 29th at 8/7c on LIFETIME.


Photos: Teen VOGUE

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