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Betsy DeVos Actually Went Through With The Commencement Address At Bethune-Cookman. It DID NOT Go Well.


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Betsy DeVos had the unmitigated gall to actually show up and give the commencement speech at HBCU Bethune-Cookman University today.  Needless to say, it didn't end well for the new Secretary of Education.  Catch the tea inside....

After weeks of threats and criticism from students and the rest of the world, Bethune-Cookman went through with having Betsy DeVos -- who is part of the same Administration who threatened to defund HBCU's and treated HBCU Presidents like props during a "White House Meeting" --  as their commencement speaker.

As she spoke, the graduates and audience were NOT having it.  Loud boo's and insults filled the Florida university's graduation venue, and it was all caught on video.

Here's an up close look at the loud boo's once DeVos started her speech. When she said she would visit the grave site of the iconic founder Mary McCleod Bethune, things got worse:


That's not all.  Graduates also stood up and turned their backs to DeVos as she spoke:


Their protests were met with a scolding from the school's President, Dr. Edison Jackson:



Bethune-Cookman students told to stop booing #BetsyDevos or they'd get their degrees sent to them in the mail...

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Interestingly, student leadership did meet with Secretary DeVos ahead of the ceremony:

The school's Twitter timeline, which was live tweeting the graduation, conveniently never addressed the protest.

Folks around social media chimed in saying:

And there's always the GOP rebuttal:




Photos: Twitter

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