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The Comey Firing Saga Has Everybody Up In Arms


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Trump fired FBI Director James Comey in an unprecedented move.  And folks are NOT holding back.  Get into the latest developments inside...

What is REALLY going on in Washington?

While James Comey was doing his FBI director duties in L.A. today, #45 sent his personal bodyguard to Comey's D.C. office with a letter telling him -- who wasn't there -- he was fired.  Meanwhile, Comey found out he was fired when it popped up on a tv screen during a speech he was giving.  He thought it was a prank.  It wasn't.

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As you know, Comey has caught heat from both sides of the aisle.  He suspiciously brought up Hillary's server issue and alluded to there being an issue when there actually wasn't, all during the election.  But he's also been vocal about allowing an investigation into Trump's campaign to ascertain if there was any collusion between Trump's folks and Russia.

The timing of Trump's firing of Comey -- just days after Comey's testimony on Capital Hill where he alluded to that investigation AND said he felt "nauseous" about possibly affecting the election by bringing up Hillary's emails -- is suspect at best.  And Stevie Wonder can see that.

A US President firing the person leading an investigation on said US President DURING the investigation...it's like the script of a horrible political thriller. His reasoning was also laughable, putting the blame on his Attorney General and Dept. Attorney general saying they convinced him to fire Comey due to him losing the confidence of his team and the country after the email scandal. Oh really? How convenient.


Trump has been mysteriously MIA from the public eye for the last five days, and said he wouldn't be speaking to the media about this epic iring.  But

He still had his Twitter fingers.  After Senator Chuck Schumer went in on him about this bad decision to fire Comey NOW in the middle of an investigation, Trump responded saying:



Anybody with sense knows this firing is not about draining the swamp, rather than setting the precedent to drain anyone who is against Trump in any way.


The political talking heads and Congressmen didn't hold back on Twitter either.




By the way, the Director of the U.S. Census office, John Thompson, oddly resigned Tuesday with no explanation.  This is huge news as rumblings of gerrymandering were all over the place in the 2016 election, with folks believing that's how Republicans stacked Congress. 

Now, with the next Census (which determines how district lines are drawn) coming up in 2020 -- the same year Trump will be running for re-election -- he will be able to appoint his own person into that position.  How convenient.

This season of House of Cards will be the most realistic one ever....


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