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Papoose Whips Out ALL The Receipts After Woman Claimed She Had His Baby


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Remy Ma’s husband Papoose isn’t playing any games when it comes to proving the woman wrong who claimed he got her pregnant. He did some digging and shut down ALL of the cheating and baby making rumors. Check out the receipts inside…

The rumor mill was turning with claims that Remy Ma’s husband Papoose had fathered a mystery woman’s 3-year-old child. The story was a shaky situation being that the women didn’t give many details about her alleged “relationship” with the rapper, but she was adamant that Pap fathered her daughter while Remy was behind bars.

In several interviews with a vlogger, she broke down in tears about how she just wanted to "clear her name." Girl...

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Well, Pap did some digging and totally shut down all the cheating and baby making rumors. He found old Facebook Live videos (that had been deleted) of the woman admitting she NEVER had sex with Pap. In the series of Instagram posts, Pap explained he does in fact know the woman (but barely), revealing he met her about 10 years ago in Hartford Connecticut. Apparently, she is some type of promoter and they were in contact to book shows in her city.

She TRIED it!

To add insult to injury, Pap said even if he were to cheat on his wife (which he says he wouldn’t because he worships the ground she walks on), he would NEVER cheat with a chick as unattractive as she is.


Check out Pap’s receipts below:





Part 1... The female in the back seat is the person who's been doing interviews claiming I'm the father of her child. She was even fake crying on camera In this footage, filmed weeks ago b4 she decided to fabricate these lies, she was riding around on Facebook Live. It looks like the driver knew she was lying so she asked her: did she & I have sex... & she Clearly said NO. She also added that me and my click were all about our money and not Pussy. This woman was introduced to me over a decade ago as a promoter. Whenever someone in Hartford Connecticut wanted to book me or KAY Slay she would call, make the connection, & show up to the event asking for pictures. As we know I walk humble and take pics with any fan/supporter who request one but due to situations like this that may change. That was the last time I seen her up until recently when my wife came home and had a show in CT; this woman showed up and once again requested a pic from me and my wife along with her son. We granted her the pic but she has been using these pictures to make these false claims seem true. smh Shout out 2 Hartford CT cause when the video of her lying saying I was her child's father came out they reached out from that city and told me she did the same thing to another man recently smh . They also helped me figure out who she was because I didn't even remember this woman. I love the ground my wife walks on and would never, ever cheat (but hypothetically speaking...if I did... it would never be with someone who is this unattractive IM SORRY) It's a fake blogger who has been helping her fabricate this story & she gained over a thousand followers since she started posting this cause she only had 7 hundred when it began. But bloggers, please go to school, study journalism, do fact checks b4 u post stories that involve innocent children. I understand y'all wanna be first but like Denzel Washington said everyone wanna be first but nobody wanna be honest. I truly believe someone paid these two woman to fabricate this story I guess some people don't like to see others happy but my wife and I will continue to represent loyalty marriage and #blacklove peace

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When your man goes above and beyond!

Like he said, "#BlackLove is INVINCIBLE".


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