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Biographer Says Michelle Obama Isn't First Woman Barack Obama Proposed To, But IS First Black Woman He Dated


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In news we didn't think we could ever use, a biographer is spilling lukewarm tea about former President Obama's pre-Presidential love life.  See the woman who could have been your First Lady inside...

Before Barack Obama met law intern (eventually his supervisor) Michelle Robinson, he was supposedly spitting his best game at a woman named Sheila Miyoshi Jager (pictured above).

According to the new book, "Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama," author David Garrow claims Sheila and the then Chicago community organizer were hot and heavy and headed to engagement in the mid 80's.  But due to her young age and his alleged fears of marrying a non-black woman ruining his political inhibitions, they called it quits. 

According to TMZ, Jager told Garrow the young Obama always knew he wanted to be President and was in dire need to be loved by many:

Jager, of Dutch and Japanese ancestry, told Garrow even back then, Obama had a strong belief he'd someday become President of the United States. She also told the author Obama had "a deep-seated need to be loved and admired."

And that's not all.  She says he popped the question to her -- twice! -- but she turned him down due to her age.

She says in 1986 Obama asked her to marry him, but her parents were opposed because they thought she was too young. She said no, but they continued dating.

Race allegedly played a part in Obama moving on to a new woman -- Michelle Robinson -- during law school:

Then, Garrow says, Obama's presidential ambitions became a centerpiece of their relationship, causing a conflict because he worried a non-African-American spouse would do him political damage.

Garrow says he "felt trapped between the woman he loved and the destiny he knew was his."

Jager claims even though Barack fell for Michelle during his first year of law school in 1988, she was still seeing him occasionally as well.  Let us find out young B kept a back up on the side!  She turned down his second proposal around that time because she was headed to Seoul, Korea for a research trip.

Now, Jager is a professor of East Asian Studies at Oberlin College and a published author.  Well, at least Barack was consistent about his type: Smart women.

 photo Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 4.06.27 AM_zpshbcjagos.png

While biographer Garrow claims Michelle Obama was the first black woman the former Prez ever dated, he says their love wasn't (and still isn't) just a political stunt -- it's deep and very real. 

Andersen says Obama, who had big political aspirations early on, recognized the value of marrying a black woman, although he's quick to add the love between Barack and Michelle is real and profound.

Not sure the motive behind spotlighting the non-black women Barack Obama once allegedly loved before Michelle, but folks say the book is quite the read. 

We're sure...


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