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Foxy Brown Gets BOO’D Out Of Black Pride Event After Refusing To Perform [VIDEO] + Katy Perry Is Catching Some Heat For ‘Obama’ Joke


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Foxy Brown is getting dragged for refusing to hit the stage at a gay nightclub in Philly over the weekend and there’s video of the rapper getting boo’d out the club. Check it out, plus why Katy Perry is getting backlash over what some are calling a racist joke inside…

Foxy Brown had an eventful weekend to say the least. And now, folks are dragging her on social media for her diva antics.

The Ill Na Na rapper was tapped to hit the stage at Park Avenue Banquet Hall in Philly Saturday night for a Black Pride event. But, for whatever reason, Foxy never made her way on stage to perform. From what folks are saying on social media, Foxy was scheduled to hit the stage at 2AM to perform, but she showed THREE hours late. She allegedly sat in a corner, facing the wall with her back to the crowd. The DJ was playing her songs, but Foxy never got up to perform.

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Needless to say, her fans were extremely upset, so they started boo’n her and they boo’d her right out of the club. You can hear people chanting "Remy Ma" in the background as security escorted her out:


As expected, fans took out their frustrations on social media and detailed what went down:

 photo fox4.jpg

Damn Fox.

While Foxy's fan were busy dragging her for her life, her homie Nicki Minaj gave her a shoutout on IG:



Foxy has yet to address the drama at the club in Philly, but she did release a snippet of another diss track (that we assume is aimed at Remy):



@Nickiminaj Yes Bredrin Mi See Di Salute Streets Ago Mad Fi Di Chune Star!

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Oh Foxy...

Elsewhere on the 'Gram over the weekend:  


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Pop singer Katy Perry is receiving some backlash for a joke she made about former President Barack Obama. Well, she didn’t really aim the joke at our former POTUS, but folks are up in arms over what she said.

While on Instagram Live on Saturday, one of her fans told Katy they missed her old black hair. She responds,“Ohhhh, really. Do you miss Barack Obama as well? Oh well, times changed. Bye. [laughs]”

Peep the clip above.

Several people were not pleased with Katy comparing her hair to No. 44 and they let her know it:







What do you all think? Do you think Katy was being "racist" or simply making a joke?



Photos: Nicki's IG

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