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CAN’T STOP, WON’T STOP! The Bad Boy Family Reunites & Rocks The Stage At Documentary Premiere


 photo bboyteaser2.jpg

Diddy and the Bad Boy Family reunited once again to hit the stage at the Tribeca Film Festival to celebrate a new documentary that will chronicle their early days in the music biz. Stroll down memory lane inside…


 photo CantStopWontStopBadBoyStoryPremierebkrElD8sEakl.jpg

Everything that went down behind-the-scenes at Bad Boy Entertainment is about to be told in an upcoming documentary titled Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story.'

Last night, the film was screened at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival and the entire Bad Boy Family came together to celebrate at the Beacon Theater.

 photo CantStopWontStopBadBoyStoryPremierevhfu4uqWlOUl.jpg

The premiere included a concert that featured artists from the iconic label and Lil Kim had everyone on their feet rapping lyrics from her classic tracks.

 photo CantStopWontStopBadBoyStoryPremiere_DPViNRLW7sl.jpg

 photo LilKimCantStopWontStopBadBoyStoryiUfvRoQraLal.jpg

Lil Kim and Faith Evans, who is dubbed as the First Lady of Bad Boy, have certainly come a LONG way. It was all love between the queens on stage last night. And it was definitely a good look.

 photo CantStopWontStopBadBoyStoryPremiere9eio_ev_CPkl.jpg

Mase even stepped out in the spotlight to rock the stage alongside Diddy and the Bad Boy Family.

 photo CantStopWontStopBadBoyStoryPremiereid8YB663aZ0l.jpg

Laurieann Gibson, who was Bad Boy’s director of choreography, also made an appearance on stage with Diddy’s sons Justin and Christian Combs. As you all know, Christian aka King Combs is following in his father’s footsteps and working on creating his own lane in the music industry under his father's record label, of course.

Stroll down memory lane with the Bad Boy crew below:

On the carpet...

 photo CantStopWontStopBadBoyStoryPremiereRyDg4Jqii-kl.jpg

Through trials and tribulations, it's still all love in the Bad Boy Family. We see you Carl Thomas

 photo CantStopWontStopBadBoyStoryPremiere-OaFZ8C1xrkl.jpg

 photo CantStopWontStopBadBoyStoryPremierewelNkvmXRUwl.jpg

Diddy had his on-again girlfriend Cassie on his arm as his date for the event. Take that, take that.

 photo CantStopWontStopBadBoyStoryPremiereOn8jxEpUH8dl.jpg

Diddy’s ex, Kim Porter, was also in the mix, posing it up in a black leather dress, to see her son rock out on stage.

 photo CantStopWontStopBadBoyStoryPremiereCD_zS7ZBg3Zl.jpg

 photo CantStopWontStopBadBoyStoryPremiereCTwkm5YB_hXl.jpg

The cool kids! DIddy's sons Justin and Christian hit the carpet before they made their way on stage.

 photo CantStopWontStopBadBoyStoryPremierevPQUdjSoAOml.jpg

Faith slayed the jumpsuit game in a piece that showed off her curves. Looking good Faith. By the way, she's gearing up to release a collaborative album with her late husband The Notorious B.I.G. titled The King & I. It's set to drop May 19th.

 photo CantStopWontStopBadBoyStoryPremiereVBE1wO_jYQIl.jpg

She wouldn’t be Lil Kim if she wasn’t doing the most. The self-proclaimed Queen of Rap struck a pose on the carpet in a white lace one-piece with a tulle train and thigh high laced up boots.

 photo CantStopWontStopBadBoyStoryPremiereFG5hKelqNHMl.jpg

 photo CantStopWontStopBadBoyStoryPremiere0oREEmE9ZlHl.jpg


Several Bad Boy artists also hit the carpet before the show, including rappers Mase and French Montana, singer Carl Thomas, and Laurieann Gibson:

 photo CantStopWontStopBadBoyStoryPremierewtsd1eATVQsl.jpg

 photo CantStopWontStopBadBoyStoryPremiere_pvQMh_0mX_l.jpg

 photo CantStopWontStopBadBoyStoryPremiereAy0fNhjEmMUl.jpg

These are some interesting ensembles here. We wonder if they were sharing styling secrets.

 photo CantStopWontStopBadBoyStoryPremieresIb2PugwW1Pl.jpg

 photo CantStopWontStopBadBoyStoryPremiereq_9LHJWz6B2l.jpg

 photo CantStopWontStopBadBoyStoryPremiereqcaWqkbC-62l.jpg

Diddy's longtime friend/supermodel Naomi Campbell showed up to support.

 photo CantStopWontStopBadBoyStoryPremierev-C0rdDNWurl.jpg

Nick Cannon and his turban made a cameo on the carpet. In case you missed it, see how the former "America's Got Talent" host shaded Nicki Minaj and her booty HERE.

 photo CantStopWontStopBadBoyStoryPremierezYnr2Brtnecl.jpg

Celebrity stylist June Ambrose was styling in prints on the carpet.

 photo CantStopWontStopBadBoyStoryPremiereWdH5wOBBwIYl.jpg

Hip Hop pioneer Fab 5 Freddy was also in the mix for another Bad Boy reunion.

 photo CantStopWontStopBadBoyStoryPremiereu0yiFVvS3gBl.jpg

It's Bad Boy for life!

After the show, there was an afterparty and everyone was LIT:

 photo BBRO2.jpg


 photo BBRO3.jpg

 photo BBRU1.jpg

 photo BBRO4.png

Fun times.

So, who's ready to see this documentary? We sure are. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story is set to drop on June 25th, exclusively through Apple Music.


Photos: Getty/Startrak/Diddy's IG

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