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RELAX GUYS! Ludacris’ Abs Are Totally Fake In ‘Vitamin D’ Video & It Was Meant To Be That Way + United Airlines Loses Millions In Shares After Dragging Incident


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Ludacris is speaking out about his enhanced abs in his new “Vitamin D” video after fans tried to come for him on social media. Essentially, it’s just typical Luda behavior. Find out what he said, plus details on United Airline’s shares dropping like flies after a man was dragged off an aircraft inside…

Social media was on fire after Ludacris released the visuals for his new track “Vitamin D,” featuring Ty Dolla Sign. Fans were going on Luda’s heavily enhanced abdominals online.

But guess what? That was all apart of the Atlanta rapper’s plan. He wore the CGI abs on purpose. And if you didn’t figure that out, then you likely aren’t familiar with Luda’s music videos. Remember his supersized arms in his “Get Back” video? Yeah, that’s essentially what he’s doing here.











Photogs caught up with Ludacris on Monday as he was leaving CATCH restaurant where he addresses his enhanced physique. Check it below:

So you see, it was all fun and games. It's LUDACRIS!

Check out the full "Vitamin D" video below:


In real life news...

United Airlines is taking a major “L” after a video of an Asian passenger being dragged off one of their aircrafts went viral.

According to reports, United Continental Holdings (UAL) shares have gone down dramatically. It’s reported that the airline has lost over $1 billion in market value. It started to recover from the worst of its losses, but the market value was still off by $600 million.

In the clip that’s being shared all around the world (above), it shows an Asian man being removed from a plane at Chicago O'Hare International Airport after he refused to give up his seat on an overcrowded flight. Three Chicago Department of Aviation security officers grabbed the man by the arms and dragged him down the walkway as other passengers filmed the incident go down.

The viral video has sparked outrage, forcing United CEO Oscar Munoz to issue a statement, calling the incident "upsetting" and he apologized "for having to re-accommodate" customers.

But in an email to his employees, he defended the airline’s actions. He said that the passenger David Dao, who is a doctor, was "disruptive,” “belligerent” and that he raised his voice and refused to comply with the crew's and security officers' directions.

"Our employees followed established procedures for dealing with situations like this. While I deeply regret this situation arose, I also emphatically stand behind all of you, and I want to commend you for continuing to go above and beyond to ensure we fly right."


Are we boycotting United Airlines or nah?

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