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ALL PINK SLIPS MATTER! ESPN Replaces Sage Steele With White Female Host


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ESPN is shaking things up! The network just gave Sage Steele the middle finger and replaced her with a white woman. Oh, the irony. More inside….

ESPN just handed Sage Steele, host of the NBA Countdown, her pink slip and will no longer be needing her services to host NBA games, the playoffs or the Finals. It’s being reported Sage got the boot and will be replaced by a white sports host Michelle Beadle. And they did it RIGHT before the season gets exciting as it goes into the playoffs.

The irony!

ESPN's just issued press release reads:

ESPN today announced that Michelle Beadle has been named the full-time host of NBA Countdown on ABC and ESPN. In this role, Beadle will lead the company’s NBA pre-game and halftime shows, including for the NBA Finals on ABC. She will also host ESPN’s and ABC’s studio coverage throughout the NBA Playoffs, which includes ESPN’s exclusive coverage of the Western Conference Finals.

Michelle is now the full-time host on “NBA Countdown” and will lead the network’s coverage throughout the postseason, including the Western Conference finals and the NBA Finals on ABC. Welp!

It's unclear if Sage will stay on with the show or network in a different capacity, but it sounds like chick will no longer be a part of ESPN’s NBA coverage…at all.   Damn.

We wonder if she still feels like the worst racism she’s experienced came from black people? Hmph. There’s no word on WHY they seemingly gave her the axe, so we’re curious to know.

Of course, Black Twitter is having a field day and popping the proverbial bottles with news of her firing.













These tweets tho! The comments on her Instagram are in shambles as well.

Needless to say, folks are rejoicing that she's no longer "cooning" (Twitter's words, not ours) on television.

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