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T.I. Whips Out Receipts After Doe B’s Former Manager Frank White Tries To EXPOSE Him


 photo tifrankteaser.jpg

T.I. had time to pop back at late rapper Doe B’s former manager Frank White after he made claims that Tip is stealing the late rapper’s royalty money. Peep their exchange and the receipts inside…

Yesterday, slain rapper Doe B’s former manager Frank White took to social media to try and expose T.I. making claims that the Hustle Gang honcho is still making money off of Doe. And Tip popped back with receipts, blasting Frank for being bitter.

Here’s the post with the accusations that Tip is still making money off the slain rapper:

 photo tifrank1.jpg

The Paper Trail rapper hopped in Frank's comment section, talking like someone's grandfather. He said he's taking names!:

 photo tifrank2.jpg




#fact they stole @cbmdoeb song. Doe never received $1 from this... @troubleman31

A post shared by Frank White (@djfwhite) on







Frank went on to share alleged text messages between himself and Tip, but you'll notice there's no name at the top to specify who he's actually texting:

 photo tifrank3.jpg

And for whatever reason, Frank tried to drag rapper Lil Flip in the mix:

 photo tifrank4.jpg

Well, it didn't take long for Tip to round up his receipts to prove he's not taking money from the slain rapper, showing how Doe's money is being divided:

 photo tifrank5.jpg

 photo tifrank6.jpg

Apparently, Frank was hired to manage Tip's son Domani's rap career and there were rumors that he was fired. Frank claims he wasn't fired, he quit!

 photo Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 11.10.52 AM.png

But, that's not what Tip claims. He said his son FIRED him and since he got the boot, this is why he's coming out with these ridiculous allegations. He went on to say that Frank is very suspect and that he works for the Feds:

 photo tifrank7.jpg

 photo tifrank8.jpg



In an Instagram video, Frank promised to come up with some paperwork to prove T.I. is lying: 



A post shared by Frank White (@djfwhite) on


That was last night and he has yet to provide the alleged paperwork he's speaking of. But, then he posted this: 

 photo tifrank9.png

Still no proof.


So, do you think Frank is mad that he was (allegedly) fired by Tip's son and that's why he's causing all this drama, or nah?


Photo: Tip's IG/Frank's IG

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